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The female eyes were dripping. This is probably a chick flick, then, because I found a few scenes pretty weak. By weak I mean generic, not believable, screenwriter-speak shorthand that’s supposed to pass for the real thing but is glaringly obvious.

But I did laugh a few times. It wasn’t all one or the other. Basically, it’s an angsty teen high school story, where the main character is damaged and in constant danger of relapsing to some sort of breakdown. It has a suffocating oppressive quality throughout it that I thought was impressive, as the scenes themselves aren’t really menacing.

I liked the use of the theme, people choosing the wrong people and unable to choose happiness. The film has strengths and weaknesses. It also incorporates a gay character well, and he’s quite a butterfly in contrast to the wallflower protagonist. This gay subplot brings the film to a crisis in a refreshing twist.

perks-of-being-a-wallflowerAnd who knew Hermione could be American?

The actors are good. I just wish they had been less generic and vanilla in some of the writing. There’s an insulting quality to being blatantly manipulated in such hamfisted ways. Not everyone cares, or notices, but I certainly couldn’t let it pass without comment.