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US Agencies Sued Over Secretive Use of Facial Recognition and Other ‘Dystopian Surveillance Technology’



BREAKING: We’re suing President Trump over today’s blatantly illegal declaration of a national emergency. There is no emergency. This is an unconstitutional power grab that hurts American communities. We’ll see him in court.



Congress Is Poised to Give Trump Administration Powerful New Spying Powers

According to news reports, members of Congress are lobbying to add the Preventing Emerging Threats Act of 2018to the Federal Aviation Agency Reauthorization Act. Proponents of the bill claim that it will make our country safer. But, in reality, the drone legislation will give new surveillance powers to the Trump administration to spy on journalists, activists, and other Americans without a warrant. 


Those of you who need a reminder why I, and many others, still continue to talk about the 9/11 attacks, the cover-up, the Treason:

“It happened with the Patriot Act after 9/11, and members of Congress and government officials are now employing similar arguments again. “

Of course they are. They have a winning formula for turning America into a police state, a cash cow, a fascist empire. That was always the intent. That was always the plan.

Despite nonsensical dismissals from so-called leaders like Chomsky, the 9/11 attacks and the strategy around it are alive and well, and fucking us all right now again. Chomsky claims 9/11 has no “significance,” and if you believe that, you deserve to be dragged off to the fucking gulags, you brain-dead slab of meat.






Did you know that 28 members of Congress were matched with photos from a mugshot database? But it’s not because those mugshots are actually theirs. It’s because facial recognition is flawed and dangerous – and that could have dire consequences for everyone, no matter who you are or where you live.

The members of Congress falsely matched to mugshots include Republicans and Democrats, men and women, and legislators of all ages. But they are disproportionately members of color. Amazon’s “Rekognition” tool, in the hands of law enforcement, will be dangerous to people of color, immigrants, and political protesters. But instead of taking these concerns seriously, Amazon is burying its head in the sand.

Uncover more details that Amazon doesn’t want you to know about its “Rekognition” technology. Our test lays out what a world with this kind of mass surveillance would look like. It’s not pretty.

Amazon surveillance experiment


If face surveillance is deployed in our communities, it’s not hard to imagine a police officer getting a “match” indicating that a person has a previous concealed-weapon arrest, biasing the officer before an encounter even begins. Or your home could be searched based on a false identification that brought law enforcement knocking on your door.

This isn’t hypothetical, Joseph. Amazon is aggressively marketing this technology to the police, boasting that it can identify up to 100 faces in a single image, track people in real time through surveillance cameras, and scan footage from body cameras. And a sheriff’s department in Oregon is already using face surveillance to scan for people’s faces in a mugshot database. It’s clear Amazon doesn’t take civil rights seriously.

Get the full rundown of how face surveillance is dangerous and biased.

The good news is that many of us are already speaking up. The ACLU is urging a federal moratorium on use of this technology for law enforcement and immigration enforcement purposes – until we can have a debate on what (if any) uses of this technology should be allowed.

Amazon – and the government – is counting on us letting face surveillance slip past us, but we won’t allow that. That’s why we need to keep up the fight by staying informed.



The Supreme Court’s Groundbreaking Privacy Victory for the Digital Age






America is steadily becoming a Nazi regime.



Senators Have a New Plan to Expand Indefinite Detention and Endless Global War


Last week, we wrapped up our case against Kris Kobach and his efforts to suppress voting in his home state of Kansas. Kobach attempted to defend his restrictions on voter registration with claims of rampant voter fraud. He failed spectacularly – we disproved every one of Kobach’s bogus statistics about noncitizen voting. Here are some highlights:

Tweet - For years, Kris Kobach has relied heavily on a statistic that 18,000 non-citizens have registered to vote in Kansas. The @ACLU's @dale_e_ho just disproved that number in federal court.

Citing fraudulent, paper-thin evidence, Kobach built his case on the lie that 18,000 noncitizens registered to vote in Kansas. But in the courtroom, Kobach could only identify 18 noncitizens – out of 1.8 million voters – who have successfully registered to vote over the past two decades. And only five of them ever cast a ballot. For those five illegal voters, Kobach was willing to sacrifice the voting rights of more than 35,000 Kansans, who were blocked from registering to vote.

Tweet - Stricker answers why he's part of this case: 'I don't think the average Kansas citizen should have to sue the secretary of state tp get registered to vote' #ksleg #ACLUvKobach.

You don’t need to read between the lines to know what this case was all about: suppressing the vote for young voters and low-income people, and demonizing people of color as illegitimate invaders of our political process. That became crystal clear when one of Kobach’s key witnesses admitted to flagging “foreign”-sounding names as part of his work to identify potential noncitizens on the voter rolls.

Tweet: ACLU asks Richman whether he would code the name 'Carlos Murguia' as foreign? Richman: Probably I would code it as foreign. ACLU: Carlos Murguia is a federal judge who sits in this courthouse. Richman says he didn't know that. #ACLUvKobach #ACLUvKansas.

Of the 35,000 disenfranchised Kansas voters, almost half were under the age of 30.One 15-year-old future voter had this to say about why the Kobach trial was so important:

Tweet: This 15-year-old missed school and braved serious winds to watch #ACLUvKobach and stand up for the right to vote. About half of the more than 35,000 people blocked from voting by Kobach's law were under the age of 30. We can't let our future leaders be disenfranchised.

It’s like I said in the courtroom – enforcing Kobach’s law is like taking a bazooka to a fly.It’s fitting that his whole case unraveled so quickly – the day after the trial, the judge even held a hearing on whether to hold Kobach in contempt of court. We’ll soon find out her verdict. But until then, let’s keep our eyes on this issue – in all the ways we can.

Tweet: Please, for the love of all that is good and right, let HBO make a miniseries about the #ACLUvKobach trial.


This is how you get CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

Our government is claiming records of sexual assault and death in custody aren’t significant enough to preserve records. We have two more days to submit public comments to oppose destroying this critical paperwork and evidence.

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has given preliminary permission for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to begin routinely destroying records, including those related to sexual assault by staff, substandard medical care, excessive solitary confinement, threats and physical assault by custody staff, and even deaths while in custody.

We can’t let ICE escape accountability for abuse and civil rights violations. Submit a public comment to tell NARA to stop the record destruction.

In cases of both sexual assault and death, NARA argued that these records “do not document significant actions of Federal officials.”

You can see this for what it really is: a blatant attempt by ICE to erase its abuses and gain impunity, making it harder for us to hold the agency accountable in the future.

We have until Friday, September 15 to urge the National Archives and Records Administration to do the right thing: stop ICE from destroying a paper trail of evidence for a system rife with abuse.

The Trump administration has pledged to expand immigration detention to record-breaking levels and lock up more people than ever before in its crackdown on immigrants. Our ability to hold ICE agents accountable for abuse matters more than ever. We must protect these records.

Here’s your job for the next 48 hours: send your public comment to NARA today and demand they deny ICE’s request to destroy these records.




NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden



Tell Obama to Pardon Edward Snowden Today