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Eight Celebs that Helped Raise $60M for the IDF Right Before It Launched an Attack on Gaza

The Hollywood minor celebrities giving money to Israel’s genocidal military.


Ashton Kutcher | A superstar who rose to fame from the hit TV series That 70s Show and now peddles cameras, Ashton Kutcher proudly attended November’s Friends of the IDF event.

Andy Garcia | Andy Garcia has a long history of supporting reactionary forces in his home country of Cuba, where his family of business owners fled after the beginning of the revolution and failed Bay of Pigs operation. Today, Garcia supports Israel’s imperialist military-industrial complex occupying Palestine.

Fran Drescher | American icon and “activist” Fran Drescher can be spotted in pictures from the event rocking a peace sign. Gaza, however, experiences anything but peace.

David Foster | Prominent Canadian singer David Foster proudly attended the event in support of Israeli occupation.

Gerard Butler | In a twist of fate, Gerard Butler’s Malibu home was destroyed by the California wildfires this week. Quite ironic considering that Butler supports the forced removal of Palestinians from their homes and subsequent destruction.

Pharrell Williams | Pharrell Williams provided entertainment for the event. His hit song “Happy” added a disturbing tone to a gala celebrating 70 years of brutal Israeli military occupation and oppression.

Ziggy Marley | Ziggy Marley, son of the late reggae icon Bob Marley, proudly attended the gala, which raised a staggering $60M to support causes relating to the IDF.

Katharine McPhee | The American singer and actress, who rose to fame thanks to her participation on American Idol and her role in the House Bunny, attended the FIDF gala.




Fabrication in BBC Panorama ‘Saving Syria’s Children’



How it all began:

Syria: The First Casualty…


Twenty mistakes of a director

The New X-Files

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Is Gillian Anderson pissed?

She seems to be totally phoning it in. Maybe it’s her understated delivery or the flu, but she seems NOT into it at all.

She is, however, walking in front of Mulder every now and then. Perhaps that strange network mandate about following him received so much negative press they changed their minds?

But the money issue is probably bugging her to the point she wants to quit, based on these first two new episodes.


Here’s the “brain” behind fake crowds cheering on fake politicians in their fake races to pretend to represent us. For “freedom,” of course.



Dennis Quaid, interrupted

Christian Bale, interrupted

(Bale for the win.)


No one should be crying for Jennifer Lawrence’s bank account, but there is more evidence here of systemic gender discrimination when it comes to money…

Sony emails reveal Jennifer Lawrence paid less than male co-stars

Gumpert added, “The current talent deals are: O’Russell: 9%; Cooper: 9%; Bale: 9%; [Jeremy] Renner: 9%; Lawrence: 7%; Adams: 7%.”








It’s been no secret that the actresses and the director had a falling out after a torturous extended shoot.  Then, they suddenly won Cannes, and now they are global news.

Kechiche chalks it up to a problem between the two actresses, and the way they open up to the scenes.  Adele is good on the first take, always giving 100%, but Lea takes many takes to loosen up and inhabit the role, according to Kechiche anyway.  This makes for many attempts to achieve one or a couple good performances of the two together.  It’s an oil and water kind of chemistry, and it seems to have paid off with major awards and recognition.

Blue is the Warmest Color releases on DVD Feb. 11th.


#10. The Joker
(The Dark Knight)


Why?  The psychotic glance was enough, not to mention all his dirty doings.  He would have ranked higher if Batman didn’t kick his ass so easily.

#9. Darth Vader
(Star Wars IV)


Why?  Of course the dark Lord of the Sith had to make an appearance. Taking no shit whatsoever, strangling mother fuckers without even touching them, terrorizing his own intergalactic imperial force?  That’s some powerful juju.

#8. Hannibal Lecter
(Silence of the Lambs)


Why?  As far as creepy undertones go, Lecter is unmatched.  You know there’s a damned good reason he’s behind thick glass or his mouth covered over by a metal guard.  Lecter proves cunning enough to go where normal mortals just wouldn’t go in order to escape.  A killing force that terrifies normal people, they know they could never be that sick.

#7. John Doe


Why?  His handiwork speaks for itself.  Without appearing at all for most of the film, this character upsets the notion of morality and of human nature by the specifically-choreographed nature of his atrocities.  A behind the scenes puppet master, his plot is just plausible enough to freeze your guts.

#6. T-1000
(Terminator 2)


Why?  He’s as unstoppable as they come.  Shooting him has no effect.  He can melt and reanimate at will, with perfect hair, and a creepy cold persona inspired by studying insects.

#5. The Biker of the Apocalypse
(Raising Arizona)


Why?  Batman would not have kicked his ass.  Plus, Leonard Smalls represents more than his biker exterior would suggest.  The man accessorizes with hand grenades, so I wouldn’t suggest fucking with him.

#4. Bob Roberts


Why?  He’s an anti-hero in this character study cum mockumentary.  He is the embodiment of Wall Street /political fanaticism, the ugliest American, the one they elect into office based on image and a track record of making money, preaching greed and blaming scapegoats.

#3. Dick Jones


Why? He’s the Enron, Dick Cheney, Republican corporate boss who plays dirty.  Dealing with terrorists and cops, hiring mobsters and simultaneously owning the police force, Jones and OPC represent everything wrong with the modern age.  Jones is so dead-on perfect, a malignant natural product of American capitalism and corruption, a master of exploitation.

#2. Brig. General Jack Ripper USAF
(Dr. Strangelove)


Why?  The lunatic warmonger who would blow up the world to rid it of his enemies.  Perhaps the most dangerous of them all, his psychotic episode mirrored the Cuban Missile Crisis standoff that brought the planet to the actual final edge of annihilation.

#1. Thulsa Doom
(Conan the Barbarian)


Why?  James Earl Jones, a Viking snake king, with magical dark powers unseen before: what more do you need to know?  James Earl Jones is mesmerizing, literally, as that is one of his dark powers.  His presence is so captivating, so menacing yet subtle, that he elevates this sword and sandals bloodbath to new heights.


Was I negligent to omit Caligula?  This oversight has irked me since I first posted.  My alternate pick, in case one of the other villains is unable to perform his duties, needs to be Emperor of Rome, Gaius Caligula “Little Boots.”