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Why I love that little BMPCC

Posted: October 21, 2014 in -
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  • 13 stops (+) of dynamic range
  • RAW uncompressed data
  • Teeny tiny


Kiev regime using planes to bomb civilians in Lugantsk, as Obama promises to send more weaponry.  This is what happens when you vote against America and its neo-Nazi partners (GRAPHIC)…






If anyone is dumb enough to think they are implementing total city surveillance to protect people from purse snatchers, I have  a beautiful paid vacation for you.  Just get in the cattle car.



The nightmare is real, and you’re probably not going to like the future very much.


Yes, every one of these new toys will be put to use against the common rabble (that’s you) and in the service of protecting the powerful.  Citizens are no longer in the same arena, and are outclassed, out-gunned, out-surveilled on every conceivable level.  Welcome to the New World Order.