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Biden is sending Stinger missiles to Ukraine

US propaganda says they “could be used to shoot down Russian helicopters.”

Or any other aircraft in the sky. Have a nice flight.



US Deep State Threatens Russia: Back Down or We Flood Syria With MANPADs

Get this. Americans explaining what Arab monarchies — wink, wink — are preparing to do:

…One U.S. official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss American policy, said Washington has kept large numbers of such man-portable air defense systems, or MANPADS, out of Syria by uniting Western and Arab allies behind channeling training and infantry weapons to moderate opposition groups while it pursued talks with Moscow.

But frustration with Washington has intensified, raising the possibility that Gulf allies or Turkey will no longer continue to follow the U.S. lead or will turn a blind eye to wealthy individuals looking to supply MANPADS to opposition groups.



Hopsicker again:

CIA Plane in Big Aussie-American Heroin Bust

Ask yourself why this never, ever, ever appears on US television? Not in the mainstream propaganda rags either, for the most part. Any mention in NY Times? Washington Post? Fucking Time Magazine? You must be joking.

Everyone in politics and in journalism KNOWS this has been going on since Vietnam. They get caught repeatedly, and it is covered-up repeatedly. Many books have been written by insiders.  And it goes on…




Click for ABC News Coverage

In typical fascistic abuse of power — the TSA sent agents to the pilot’s home to intimidate and harass him, after he posted a video to Youtube exposing how ground workers at airports have extremely lax security.

Says a TSA spokesman in the ABC News piece: “It isn’t feasible to screen all the employees…”

This obvious gaping hole in security should be of major interest to the nation. All one needs is some basic knowledge of the airport and a stolen ID card to slide through a reader. That’s it, and they can enter the airfield. While paying passengers are being sexually molested in their holding area, anyone with know-how could be sabotaging aircraft through the back door.

In Orwell’s America, what you would expect to happen happened: the pilot has been persecuted for alerting the public, and his Youtube video taken down in a suppression of free speech.

‘Sich heil.’ Fly safely.