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Hunting the Witch Hunters: Backlash Begins Against PropOrNot

That pretty much nails it. The real targets of this dastardly attempt to purge the country of views that run counter to those of the corrupt and deranged Washington establishment and the eternal wars which sustain it are not Putin puppets at all but rather critics of the morally reprehensible criminal globalist ruling elite.



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9/11 & 28 pages of treason


If you aren’t familiar with Abby Martin and her show on Russia Today network, then you are missing out on the hardest, most unflinching opposition to the fascist police state and empire being erected around us.

Breaking the Set Youtube Channel


1st half: Assault on Canada’s First Nation People’s and the Canadian wild lands. 2nd half: Obama’s persecution of whistleblowers, CIA crimes, torture, impunity, the rewarding of promotions to criminals:


opening: Alternative energy. 2nd segment: Occupy Wall Street surveillance, FBI persecution of US protesters. 3rd segment: Chris Hedges on NDAA, Obama’s reign, court battles over rights, etc.

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