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by Phil and Angela Rockstroh
pt. 1

pt. 2

Editor’s comments:

This was a submission, and one I didn’t know quite to make of. It’s a video poem, shot in various urban locations and therefore dissimilar to what we’re used to seeing and hearing.

I’m not totally in agreement with the rant against interstate highways. What’s the alternative? No interstate highways? I find the sentiments more abstract than concrete. The line about travel being diminished nowadays similarly seems to fly in the face of travel over millenia where you might not actually make it to your destination unscathed. It was slower, more fraught wtih peril and less comfortable than what modern westerners experience today.

For these reasons, the piece might have not chosen that title, and edited it down somewhat. There’s also the audio noise that really detracts from the flow of the words due to jumping noise levels from location to location.

Now for the good news… the more I watched, the more it sucked me in to wonder what the hell would be said next, where it was going, and if it could deliver on the promise of the concept. See for yourself.