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This monster must be removed.






US Navy Authorized To Train Despite Massive Injury Or Death Of Over 12 Million Sea Mammals


The War on Small Animals

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People are such scumbags.


America’s trapping boom relies on cruel and grisly tools

TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY MARTINE PAUWELS (FILES) A group of minks take shelter in a hole in the ground after they and more than 10,000 others were released from a breeding facility in the eastern German town of Grabow by unknown persons on October 26, 2007. The Netherlands are the third largest producer in the world, and Dutch MPs will examine a draft in parliament prohibiting the breeding of mink on May 19, 2009,  in the Netherlands on moral grounds, triggering an uproar by the Dutch mink farmers.                                AFP  PHOTO   DDP FILES JENS  SCHLUETER**GERMANY OUT** (Photo credit should read JENS SCHLUETER/AFP/Getty Images)

Racist mass murderer Dylann Roof murders black people in cold blood to start a race war and terrorize African Americans, and he ISN”T charged with terrorism.

But the federal government, the dystopian kakistocracy that it is, sees fit to charge animal rights activists with “terrorism” for setting minks free.

The US government is a corrupt protection racket for business and a threat to the world.

2 Activists Accused of Freeing Animals are Charged as Terrorists

The FBI arrested two animal rights activists today for allegedly freeing mink and other animals from fur farms, and vandalizing the property of animal-abusing businesses.


You’re not going to like it.





Treatment of the whales, from their capture and removal from parents, to their storage in tiny pools, to the incessant noise that bounces around the pools and aggravates their sonar leads to tragedy for the humans as well. Much like circuses and elephants that go on rampages after years of abuse by handlers, the whales of Sea World are living time bombs.

I’d seen the Sea World show when I was a kid, and I never thought about what the whales had undergone to get there.  This movie should open some eyes.

Blackfish trailer


Documentary on HBO exposes animal cruelty in circuses and zoos. Lily Tomlin directs, and an interview is here.


As the holiday shopping season comes around again, it might do us some good to take a look at where our toys really come from. And you might be surprised that behind the innocent face of a child’s teddy bear lies a dark and bloody secret.