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With the complete collapse of democracy, justice and rights comes the assault on journalism.  These are inextricably linked.  Democracy and a free press share DNA.  When one is mutated beyond salvaging, they both die.

Fourth Circuit Endorses WikiLeaks

by Kevin Jon Heller

Well, not really. But that’s the unintended consequence of yesterday’s awful decision in US v. Sterling, in which the Fourth Circuit held that James Risen could not rely on journalist’s privilege to avoid testifying against James Sterling, whom the government believes leaked classified information to Risen. According the court, the government is entitled to Risen’s testimony, because he is the only “eyewitness” (a journalist receiving classified information) to the “crime” (leaking classified information to a journalist):”




Even the head of the CIA got caught — watch out for them security cams…


This Is How to Leak to the Press