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It’s from Alternet, a site I have had my problems with previously…

Redneck Revolt: The Armed Leftwing Group That Wants to Stamp out Fascism

“When governments, as they characteristically do, fail to step in, people look to other institutions for an answer. Fascism is having a resurgence because we’re in that moment. It’s not a problem that’s going to be solved by leaving it alone. That’s like leaving an infection alone.”



Extreme right playing the victim card, as usual, ignoring all the white mass murderers that have committed terrorism on a regular basis. His paranoid, deluded audience is armed and dangerous.

150 Right Wing Terror Plots Over 25 Years





Heavily-armed white men patrol Ferguson

Extreme right wingers, armed to the teeth, and spouting their love of Trump claim to be on the protester’s side. Which is sort of absurd, if you listen to their rhetoric.

Oath Keepers volunteer Sam Andrews told RT: “Why the National Guard was not here supporting the St. Louis County Police and supporting the highway patrol and protecting these businesses, to me, is either such a grotesque incompetence or downright criminal negligence.”

Fighters of Social Nationalist Assembly take an oath of allegiance to the country in Kiev

Right Sector refuses to obey Ukraine’s Defense Ministry – presidential aid




The corrupt narco-state of Mexico sent their military to disarm a town that has armed itself against a vicious crystal meth gang.  Rather than target the problem, the government of Mexico is attempting to leave the town defenseless and at the mercy of a drug cartel.

Mexican police start to disarm vigilantes in Michoacan



In case the human soldiers ever wise up and reject Nazi like wars of aggression around the world, these machines have no such qualms about morality.  There’s an imperial arrogance with the people manufacturing these weapons.  As long as business is good, it doesn’t matter what we’re actually doing to the world.   They’re so excited that it’s just like a video game, with the same controller and everything.  How easy to invade and kill people when you have the better toys.

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Pennsylvania’s Finest:

“…Fuck you!

…If you didn’t get enough first time around, go fuck yourself and get some more.”

(shoots machine gun).

“You get that?  You get that one?  Huh?  You bunch of fucking cock suckers.”
Mark Kessler

Displaying the confidence and maturity that men reach around their 42nd month of life, Gilberton, PA police chief Mark Kessler makes numerous implied threats via Youtube.  Kessler is a provocateur, a ranting raver who does not back down and escalates his rhetoric in the hopes of getting a rise.

The posting that alerted a large hunk of the Web originates in a Tweet:

“Chief Mark Kessler



The video is Kessler firing off his M-16 again, without comment, and it is the separate Tweet that reveals his implied threat – which many aren’t finding so implied.  The smiley icon at the end would seem to negate the message.  But, one can’t simply ignore the active verb, arguably a command, “SHOOT.”  People in America have faced serious legal repercussions for similar threatening language.


Witness the case of Facebook poster Justin Carter who faces 8 years in federal prison for sarcastic typing:

“‘Oh yeah, I’m real messed up in the head, I’m going to go shoot up a school full of kids and eat their still, beating hearts.’”
According to the parent, the teenager from Texas followed up that remark with the phrases “LOL” and “JK”— Internet shorthand for “Laugh out Loud” and “Just Kidding.”

Here police chief Mark Kessler rants and raves about having actor Jamie Foxx hung upside down on a cross, claiming that Foxx called for riots if Zimmerman was found innocent.  He provided no source or quotation, of course.

“Fucking shit bag.  …Here’s a guy who’s making millions and millions of dollars off us, off the white people, because we’re stupid, and we go to watch this communist, racist piece of shit.  We go to watch his movies.  And then he comes out and starts carrying on.  He ‘hates white people.’  He hates white people?  There’s no ifs ands or buts about it.  Jamie Foxx is a communist that hates white people!  …He’s calling on people to riot if Zimmerman walks.”

Jamie Foxx said:

“And I said I don’t want anybody to forget about [the Treyvon Martin killing], because they can’t forget about the fact that they lost their son.  And the thing is, we’re not asking for anything out of the ordinary. We’re asking for justice.”

Extreme right wing propaganda “news” has no need for quotations, and they make them up as they go:

Jamie Fox, If Zimmerman Is Acquitted, Rioting, Looting, And Indiscriminate Violence Is Acceptable As Long As You Feel Within Your Heart Its For A Good Cause.”

This dangerous, virulent scare mongering goes around the web as so-called “fact” before anyone can respond.

At the BET awards show, Jamie Foxx wore a Trayvon Martin t-shirt, and:

“Despite the clear statement via his outfit, Foxx did not specifically address Martin’s death while accepting his award.” source

A fake reality, in this case a highly racist and acerbic delusion spreads without check.  There is no counterbalance and no opportunity for correction as the right extremists remain blinkered and content in their racial victimhood fantasies.  They have a new enemy to yell about, Jamie Foxx, a new scapegoat, and ranting, frothing, armed and dangerous blustering fools like Kessler are all the authority needed.

Kessler doesn’t present himself as evil or likely to initiate violence.  A lengthy disclaimer at the start of his radio show belabors how he is concerned with protecting life and only interested in defense.  He says he has no interest in initiating any violence.  His inflammatory rhetoric that follows, however, betrays a possible mental illness.  He’s not completely irrational, but the outrageousness of his shouting and venting leaves one wondering.

Like a lot of extreme right wingers, Kessler rants in defense of private property and against the evil government.  His use of the term communist is peppered throughout the show.  He apparently has no concept of neoliberalism or how things actually work in the halls of power.  Obama is a communist, and so is Jamie Foxx, and the rest are simply “libtards.”  This witty term, a preferred one of Kessler’s, obviously combines liberal with retard.  This short-circuit to thinking about issues places them in strict black white terms.

Ideology clearly confuses Kessler, as at one point he rails against Obama’s government allegedly trying to appropriate water rights from a private party in Missouri or thereabouts.  This private water is defended by Kessler’s framing, and Obama/government is demonized.  The idea of public water resources is beyond what Kessler could conceive and why one owner should control or own “10,000 acres” of life-sustaining water isn’t made clear.  Fine and well, he believes in private ownership above all, right?

A minute later, I’m not kidding, he and a caller decry the Chinese allegedly buying up US water and shipping it across the ocean to China.  This is the market in action, no?  This is buying and selling the water, the free market of right wing dreams.  By what rationale can buying the water and sending it across the ocean be a problem, if private parties can do whatever they want with it?  He complains that George Bush Sr. is allegedly buying up aquifers.  Kessler and the caller, “Steve,” bemoan corporations gobbling up vital water supplies.

How can they simultaneously hold diametrically opposite views about the water?  Like most right wing ideologues, Kessler doesn’t think through the implications of his cherished dogma and his first impressions, his emotional responses.  There’s enough cognitive dissonance floating around here, with anti-this, and anti-that, that consistency is unnecessary.  The only consistency seems to be “freedom,” and “guns.”  The rest of the details are malleable.

Similarly Kessler holds to a near fanatical love of the military and militarism.  He has an emotional component toward warriors and what his own father allegedly “fought for” in the United States armed forces.  Of course the military is one of the most socialistic organizations in the nation.  It’s socialism on display, a government program funded by taxes which owns everyone and everything involved, and it does the government’s bidding – around the world regardless of legalities.  Even Kessler should be able to notice that no wars have been “declared” since World War Two.

I don’t disagree with some of the things Kessler says concerning abuse of power, the corruption of government institutions, the rights of people, and common sense things like that.  But, Kessler uses these positions as jumping-off points time and again, to see how far he can venture out.  He truly is a provocateur, as several examples from his radio show illustrate.

Kessler’s own son was to be charged by Pennsylvania State Police for shooting another kid with a bb gun.  Not a serious crime, and one wonders if this was motivated by a desire to silence Kessler, who has admittedly made many, many enemies in the other police forces.  He then claims that the charges were dropped because “3,000 heavily armed” militia men came to his son’s defense and were ready to basically start an insurrection.  Kessler was extremely pleased that a new “American Revolution” may have been initiated right in his own town over the bb gun issue.  Dangerous?

Mark Kessler also singled out a “Million Muslim March” that is scheduled in Washington DC this September 11th.  Apparently this is true, and called for by a group called American Muslim Political Action Committee.  The headline there reads, “Join AMPAC on a Historic Moment on 9/11/13 for Establishing the Humanity and Justice through Civil Rights Movement.”

Kessler announced on his show that this “adds insult to injury,” and he wants to show up that day wearing a MOSSAD t-shirt, at which point he lavishes praise on the MOSSAD for their toughness and reputation regarding assassinations.  Hoping this might cause some kind of incident this upcoming 9/11, one wonders what else Mark Kessler has planned.

Joe Giambrone publishes Political Film Blog while designing plots for fictional characters to take over the world.


The real New World Order…

Dangerous Minds: 

MASKED, heavily-armed paramilitary rent-a-cops are freaking out Wisconsin


Time to join Snowden in Iceland?



Let’s take this in slowly, shall we?


“…retrofitted 2,717 ‘Mine Resistant Protected’ MaxxPro MRAP vehicles for service on the streets of the United States. (source)”

Okay, that’s 2700 IED proof armored vehicles. Plus nearly 2 billion rounds of ammunition. Plus 7000 fully auto assault rifles (you were told those are bad?). Plus Obama gives himself permission to murder Americans on US soil. Plus drones, push button murder of thousands so far in various countries. Plus “indefinite detention.” Plus the “disposition matrix.” And an unbroken record of violating domestic and international laws with impunity (torture anyone?). Well I guess even the most dense coma victim might begin to twitch at this point.

Add lies on every channel on every matter of importance, and an unceasing desire to distract people as much as possible with the trivial.

This video might have seemed “alarmist” perhaps, in a different time and a different place: