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As many as 5,000 ISIS recruits to return to Europe – Belgian minister

Welcome to Gladio B. When shit starts blowing up in Europe (again), the governments will push through their desired reactionary policies.

Gotta love this:

“…admits that the continent’s intelligence agencies can only watch and wait to see how many of them return.”

Is that all they can do? Watch and ALLOW THEM BACK IN?

Oh really?

Why is that?

The same intelligence agencies that helped them start the Syrian insurgency are powerless to simply not allow them back into the country? So what’s the very point of “watching” them if you’re not gong to do a God damned thing about it?




FBI warned Dutch about dangers of Brussels bombers almost a week before attacks

Turkish thug Erdogan also claims to have warned them.

So it would be irresponsible not to ask why they would have allowed attacks in Belguim. NATO has a half-century history of using false-flag terror to manipulate European citizens into action, known as OPERATION GLADIO.

Brussels is where the headquarters of the European Union is seated. The EU in currently in danger of breaking apart if it cannot find a reason to come together…


While Russia has entered the war in Syria and made significant gains, there is still an opportunity for the NATO bloc to invade under the pretext of “fighting ISIS.” But you need a decent provocation from ISIS in order to sell a war of aggression at home.


That’s the most plausible scenario that I can figure, as of today. They let it happen. It will be the cassus belli for Europe to invade Syria.



Bologna Central Station Bomb Attack 1980 (1)



Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds elaborates on the Turkish branch of NATO/CIA’s “stay behind armies” code named Gladio.  This little known history should be lesson number one on how the world actually works.  Operation Gladio in Europe was exposed by the Prime Minister of Italy for blowing up civilians, murdering them, in order to blame on communist cells, those “Red Factions.”

Sibel contends that the European operations of Gladio were shut down after Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti ‘s public exposure in October of 1990, but that Gladio in Turkey continued.  It continues to this day in Turkey and is aimed outward at the surrounding nations.  Note Syria, which was invaded by foreign Islamists hosted right on Turkey’s territory.  This relates to the wars in Kosovo, Bosnia and Chechnya too.  Anyone familiar with the latest Boston bombing case knows the name Chechnya.

This is An Extended History Lesson


Continued: Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI.

More info:

BBC: Operation Gladio, 1992

Turkey’s Killing Machine: The Contra-Guerrilla Force
By Serdar Celik

The Strategy of Tension
by Nafeez Ahmed

Terrorism in Western Europe: An Approach
to NATO’s Secret Stay-Behind Armies
by Daniele Ganser

NATO’s Secret Armies
Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe
By Ganser Daniele
Published December 22nd 2004 by Routledge – 336 pages

This is the most painful film I’ve seen in many years. I’ve had it six days, whereas I usually hold onto Netflix discs for one day. I’ve had to push myself to finish it, as it is so horrific, so beyond comprehension that the human mind wants to reject it outright. It’s like watching the aftermath of Auschwitz, with more detail, and more culpability on the part of the world at large.

Shake Hands With the Devil is Canadian General Romeo Dallaire’s story of the UN’s failure in its Rwanda peace keeping mission, 1994. It started off odd, the story of a white man in a black genocide. But as it evolved, the overwhelming horror of reality surpasses anything concocted in formulaic Hollywood scare fests.

The UN was the only force that could have prevented the genocide of Tutsis (800,000 killed). Dallaire saw it as a moral imperative to stay and to do everything in his power to minimize the violence. His mission was undercut by the UN and the nations who could have sent reinforcements and supplies, but chose not to. The mission was abandoned, left for dead. The genocide was written off, and the Rwandan people abandoned. This was a case where outside intervention could have been moral and justified and effective.

Dallaire cites the Belgian government’s policies, under their colonial rule, of dividing the ethnic factions of Rwanda and exacerbating ethnic tensions. This history is given some cursory attention in the film, perhaps more in the book on which it is based. Belgian troops were present as part of the UN force under Dallaire’s command. After ten of them were captured and executed by the Rwandan government death squads, the Belgians pulled their entire contingent out. No other countries were willing to send in peace keepers.

This case exposes the hypocrisy of Western powers who preach “humanitarian war.” They have used this false doctrine as a justification for attacking target nations where they wanted certain outcomes. In a case like Rwanda, where there were no readily-identifiable Western strategic aims, the western nations abandon the civilians to chaos and genocide.