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America’s Casual Admission Of Guilt On Aggression Against Syria






Russia to treat US jets in Syria as ‘targets’ after America guns down first regime warplane


Washington said the jet had dropped bombs near US-backed forces but Damascus said the plane was downed while flying a mission against Isis militants.

Russia’s Defence Ministry said the suspension of its communication line with the Americans would begin immediately.






Young Nazi wannabees invade Mexico and start shit in Cancun. Generation Fucktard partying through the apocalypse…

Irony escapes douchebros:
Spring breakers on Cancun cruise chant ‘Build that wall’


We are at the brink of Armageddon. The warmongers are winning, and the people are so fucking ignorant and stupid that it’s pretty much a wash.

RAF given green light to shoot down hostile Russian jets in Syria


As relations between the West and Russia steadily deteriorate, Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots have been given the go-ahead to shoot down Russian military jets when flying missions over Syria and Iraq, if they are endangered by them. The development comes with warnings that the UK and Russia are now “one step closer” to being at war.






Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton makes a point during a speech to supporters at the Human Rights Campaign Breakfast in Washington, October 3, 2015. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

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