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Berlin truck attacker Anis Amri acted on orders of top IS commander – report

This is the status quo:

Though he was classified as a potential threat to public safety in February of 2016, authorities failed to collect evidence against Amri that would stand up in court.

Schuermann said they had “exhausted all legal powers to the limit to ward off potential dangers.” Despite seven separate investigations, the German authorities could not agree on whether the Tunisian would actually commit a terrorist attack.

Sounds a lot like Operation Gladio. They knew. They let it happen. They cry about red tape. At this late stage of the “terror wars” we’re to believe the entire police and intelligence apparatus of Europe is powerless.


A tense, emotional historical drama that I recommend. Der Tunnel tells the story of the very first tunnel from West Berlin into East Berlin, expressly for the purpose of smuggling out loved ones from East Germany. The characters are driven, to the point of obsession, into accomplishing an almost impossible task without any industrial or government sponsorship.

What is most resonant about this film is the political question at the heart of the matter.  People are risking their lives and even dying in order to get out of the Soviet-controlled East Germany.  The East Germans constructed a militarized wall in order to keep their own people in, as opposed to keeping invaders out.  This reality is at the core of the issue and is the backdrop to everything that springs from it on screen.

The infant police state, the STASI, is also portrayed, and a sophisticated cat and mouse game plays out, supposedly true to the real history. The Tunnel is a well done true to life film where the ending is very tense, exciting with a twist that leaves you on the edge of your seat.

A few other good, very cinematic, historical re-enactments include The Lives of Others, Valkyrie, Sophie Scholl, The Bunker, Carlos and Ip Man.