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Sources: Fox News Has Decided Bill O’Reilly Has to Go

Too scummy for even Fox!

O’Reilly should get that tattoo.

He should have been out in 2001, after his unhinged attacks on people who wouldn’t lick Bush’s boots.




Bill O’Reilly just hosted a fake Swedish ‘advisor’ to scaremonger about refugees

However, when Swedish newspaper Göteborgs-Posten started digging on Bildt’s background, they revealed Bildt’s actual surname was Tolling (which is a little less deliberately Swedish-sounding) and that he hasn’t lived in Sweden since 1994. They also learned that Swedish national security agencies have no idea who he is.

“We have no spokesman by that name,” said Marie Pisäter, a spokeswoman for the Swedish Defense Ministry, who also confirmed that he didn’t work in Sweden’s foreign office. “We do not know who he is.”

In addition to his lack of credentials, Bildt was also convicted of assaulting a police officer in the U.S. in 1994, for which he served one year in jail. The altercation with the police officer happened while Bildt was intoxicated, according to court documents filed in Arlington, Virginia.

Faux News is back on track.

I need a new propaganda minister for 2016..


Protesters take to the streets to bring attention to the push for justice in the Trayvon Martin case as they take over Rodeo Drive on July  17, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jose Lopez)

The new fascist strategy, calling Black Lives Matter a “hate group” and “domestic terrorists” originated with the scum lord, Bill O’Reilly.

The 1st Annual Joe Goebbels Triumph of Propaganda Award Goes to BILL O’REILLY / Faux News


A man whose lies depend upon the deeply ingrained ignorance and bias of his viewers, their aversion to fact-checking and critical thinking, Bill O’Reilly has finally Triumphed (TM) in broadcasting the single biggest whopper of the year.

“Every single murderer over 40 years that I have covered in these circumstances has been either atheistic, agnostic, no religious basis at all.”

Bill O’Reilly has erased religious lunacy from history. According to him, religion has no role in any murders in America, for the entire modern age. How false is this utterly ridiculous claim?

10 of the Worst Terror Attacks by Extreme Christians and Far-Right White Men

That list has been up online for over two years. Bill must have clicked right by it.

Those are just the most high-profile examples, for whatever reasons, shock value, timing, excessiveness. Religiously motivated violence has a long tradition spanning back millennia. Everyone knows this. Except perhaps the man whom the grossly ignorant turn to for news: Bill O’Reilly.

Here are some more cases of “Christian” murderers and terrorists, and other relevant data, which O’Reilly claims do not exist:


“[Anders] Breivik saw himself as a Christian warrior in the midst of what he called an “existential conflict” with Islam – a modern knight confronting foreign hordes … [his] manuscript lays out plans for the formation of a Christian army, known as the Knights Templar, to wage “guerrilla warfare against the Multiculturalist Alliance through a constant campaign of shock attacks.”

‘Christian’ cult members on trial for murder

“Reuters and other news sources reported in June that the woman, aged 37, was beaten to death at the end of May in the coastal Zhaoyuan city in Shandong province for refusing to give her telephone number to members of the Church of the Almighty God.”

The Lord’s Resistance Army

“Indeed, the LRA is known to orchestrate kidnappings, railroading young boys into fighting while forcing young girls into sexual slavery. Those who refused to fight were hacked to pieces. …The goal of the LRA is pretty straight forward: they want a Bible-based state that uses the Ten Commandments as guide posts. “

3 Separatists Are Convicted Of Conspiracy

“Government witnesses, as well as Mr. Merrell, testified that the defendants belonged to an anti-Government cell of a paramilitary group with strongly held religious beliefs against banks and abortion. …A fourth man, Brian Ratigan, 38, also of Sandpoint, was arrested on March 13 in Spokane and charged with participating in the July 12 Planned Parenthood bombing and U.S. Bank robbery.”

Attorney: Woman thought God told her to kill sons

“In opening statements Monday, a Texas prosecutor described how a mother smashed the head of her infant son with a rock and then led her two older boys outside and did the same to them…”

Hate crime murder? Man intentionally drove SUV into KC Muslim teen, police say

“A 15-year-old boy died after losing too much blood when his legs were severed in what police believe was an intentional attack outside the Somali Center of Kansas City Thursday evening. … Family and people heavily involved with the Somali Center say a man had been threatening people in the Muslim community for months now on Facebook. Several others say that same man pointed a gun at them, threatening to kill them because of their Muslim religion.”

Arsonists Attack Palestinian Home, Child Killed

“Two independent acts of religiously-motivated violence have Israel on edge this morning. Overnight, arsonists attacked two Palestinian homes in Duma, a village in the West Bank. An infant was killed in the attack and the remaining members of the family were critically injured…  In Jerusalem yesterday, an ultra-Orthodox man rushed a gay pride parade while wielding a knife, stabbing six people.”

FBI Statistics Utterly Destroy Fox News Lies

Over 7.000 “hate crimes” in 2013 with 17.4% being religiously motivated. This comes to approximately 1200 per year in the US.


For Bill O’Reilly’s long and distinguished train of deceptions, gibberish, bullying and religious bigotry, he is a well-deserved recipient of this, the 2015 Joe Goebbels Award for the Triumph of Propaganda. Brought to you by Political Film Blog.


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Guess where Bill wasn’t when George de Mohrenschildt allegedly killed himself (one of about 50 Kennedy assassination witnesses to die in questionable circumstances)?

That would be in the same state, of Florida. The lies are piling up around this lying, sneering, fascist scum sucking monster…

The O’Reilly tapes: Phone recordings raise new questions about JFK story

O’Reilly can also be heard detailing his travel plans. Although he never said where he was calling from, O’Reilly made it clear where he was not.

“I’m coming down there tomorrow,” he said. “I’m coming to Florida.”


The scum always rises…

Bill O’Reilly busted: ‘Phony’ Fox News star ‘lied’ about JFK murder witness


Watch the Stewart / O’Reilly debate here ($4.95 download):

by Peter Michaelson

Insight is a good thing, and insight into where our laughter comes from not only can spare us a lot of misery but is worth a laugh in itself. Still, as one witty writer said, “Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies of it.” Despite the risk, I’m putting humor and laughter on the dissecting table. I love humor as much as any cutup, and obviously I have no wish to fracture its funny-bone or see it croak.

Humor, bless its existence, is often a byproduct of the clash in our psyche between inner aggression and inner passivity. The voice or “intelligence” of inner passivity (our unconscious ego) often produces humor for the purpose of deflecting and reducing to absurdity the harsh pronouncements and judgments of inner aggression (our inner critic or superego). Last week’s online “Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium” between TV personalities Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly serves to illustrate this point.

From the perspective of psychoanalysis, Stewart, the easy-going liberal humorist and host of “The Daily Show,” sees and relates to the world from the vantage of inner passivity. He generates much of his humor by cleverly mocking the pretensions and inconsistencies of the establishment and the right wing. O’Reilly, of course, is the gruff Fox TV commentator known for his denouncements of liberal positions. His persona, while capable of humor, is a caricature of our authoritarian inner critic. Each man represents an opposing side of the major clash in the human psyche between inner aggression and inner passivity. Stewart provided some evidence of this unconscious connection when he said, O’Reilly’s “like comfort food for me. I feel like I grew up around these guys. He’s my shepherd’s pie.” Since O’Reilly is the embodiment of Stewart’s inner critic, Stewart obviously feels right at home dueling with him.

The two men are friends, and it’s a tribute to them that they’ve connected with some measure of goodwill, despite coming from opposing positions in the psyche. Still, when watching their “rumble” we’re like children giggling at two quarreling puppets when we don’t appreciate the “intelligence” (unconscious dynamics) pulling the strings behind the scene. Deeper awareness makes humor an even better medicine.

Humor comes in many guises, among them wit, irony, sarcasm, jocularity, buffoonery, and whimsy. Jocularity often holds people up to ridicule; someone is made the butt of a joke. Yet why should human foolishness or suffering be laughable at all? Instead of laughing, we could be callous, scornful, or compassionate, as indeed we often are. However, we very much desire the delightful pleasure of laughter, and we grasp for it when we can. Laughter comes easily as an intense momentary release of inner freedom, like the toot of a safety valve or the exalted cry of an escaping prisoner. We’re liberated momentarily from the considerable weight of inner reproach and disapproval that comes at us from our ubiquitous inner critic. When a joke identifies someone else as the fool or failure, he or she is offered up as a prisoner to our inner critic: “This person is obviously a better object of ridicule than I,” we unconsciously proclaim, “and much more deserving of disapproval.” In that moment, we’re experiencing sharp relief that someone other than ourselves has been “captured” by the inner critic.

TV comics Jay Leno and David Letterman nightly roast celebrities and politicians on their shows. Leno cracked me up a few years ago when he said, “Today, Mick Jagger is 65 years old–and it’s also the 30th anniversary of him looking like he’s 65.” The laughter is all sporting, good-natured fun; the iconic singer himself would probably chuckle. Still, technically, the joke is at his expense. For the joke to work, he’s sacrificed for our emotional relief. I laughed gleefully because I felt in that moment: “Imagine looking 65 when you’re only 35. I never looked that ridiculous.”

This reveals the degree to which, on an inner level, we live under the inner critic’s constant, hostile surveillance and oppression. Our inner critic is the giant of the psyche and the hidden master of our personality. It constantly holds us accountable and questions our actions and decisions. It’s important for us to know this. Otherwise, we function to a considerable extent in a state of inner passivity, unable to neutralize our inner critic and continuing to waste much mental and emotional energy doubting and defending ourselves against its relentless assault.

Like Leno and Stewart, people who become comedians have from an early age made a fine art of deflecting inner attacks by directing them on to others or by reducing them to absurdity. While such people can confound the inner critic as well as authority figures in society, the effect is temporary. Their unwitting use of political and sarcastic humor is not going to overthrow the tyranny of the inner critic, nor will it trouble the economic and political establishment. Their humor, when unconsciously employed, is simply too defensive. The court jester, a specialist at self-preservation and a dogged approval-seeker, is no threat to the king.

While some humorists present artificial victims to their inner critic, others present themselves as the victims. This is the Rodney Dangerfield self-derision persona, where a comedian makes himself an object of ridicule. Once again this humor gets laughs because people are happy to see someone other than themselves–it doesn’t matter who–dangling from the butt-end of life. This formula applies, too, to the “insult comedy” of Don Rickles and the “big oaf” persona of Jackie Gleason. Some humorists of the Rush Limbaugh school practice an especially vicious variety that’s fired off like cannonballs of cynicism, with hostile sarcasm for gunpowder. Their explosive cynicism draws in people who are eager to blame others for their own suffering. This “humor” registers high collateral damage because it serves not to placate inner aggression but to direct it unmercifully and unjustly toward others.

Humor as a form of defending ourselves from the inner critic is passive and unstable. It’s like playing chess against a supercomputer–one nervous twitch and you’re done. Some famous comedians have died young from drug abuse–notably, Lenny Bruce, John Belushi, and Chris Farley–because intense inner conflict undermined the power of self-regulation.

When we become stronger on an inner level, we don’t compulsively resort to humor as a way to maintain our inner equilibrium. Nor will we laugh at stupid jokes that present the folly or misfortune of others solely for our selfish glee. In inclusive laughter we express the spirit of joyfulness.

Peter Michaelson is an author, blogger, and psychotherapist in Ann Arbor, MI.   He believes that better understanding of depth psychology reduces the fear, passivity, and denial of citizens, making us more capable of maintaining and growing our democracy while flourishing in our personal life.