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‘The New Radical’: Inside the Year’s Most Controversial Doc



ISIS terrorists money flowing in the U.S. through Bitcoin – report

The show’s guest is a Bush flunkie. We can be skeptical of the Pakistani news revelations, but this guy has no concept that the US and allies helped create ISIS, and that was and is a part of their global strategy.


[I am posting this link to a Forbes Magazine article for information purposes only.  Political Film Blog does not endorse assassination or any criminal activity. -Editor]


Meet The ‘Assassination Market’ Creator Who’s Crowdfunding Murder With Bitcoins

“Even setting aside the immorality of killing, doesn’t the notion of enabling small minorities of angry Bitcoin donors to assassinate elected officials sound like an attempt to cripple democracy? “Of course, limiting democracy is why we even have a constitution,” Sanjuro responds. “Majority support does not make a leader legitimate any more than it made slavery legitimate. With this market the great equalising forces of capitalism have the opportunity to work in politics too. One bitcoin paid is one vote closer to a veto of whatever legislation you dislike.”

Sanjuro didn’t actually invent the concept of an anonymous crowdfunded assassination market. The idea dates back to the cypherpunk movement of the mid-1990s, whose adherents dreamt of using encryption tools to weaken the government and empower individuals. Former Intel INTC -5.43% engineer and Cypherpunk Mailing List founder Tim May argued that uncrackable secret messages and untraceable digital currency would lead to assassination markets in his “Cryptoanarchist’s Manifesto” written in 1992.”

Some are hyping this service as a replacement for banks.


Personally, I like a credit union with oversight and actual physical presence under the jurisdiction of some government entity(ies).  This may catch on, but it does seem to have a weakness, and that is the integrity of the system not getting hacked, such that digital “coins” don’t just disappear one day.  See what you think?

Everything works perfectly, until it doesn’t. Then what?