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We need many more boycotts, for a wide spectrum of issues.

Hank Aaron says he won’t watch NFL because of how Colin Kaepernick was treated



Yes, America is still home to a lot of inbred fucktards. Now they’re emboldened.

Outrage As Minorities Recount “Day 1 In Trump’s America”

Keep in mind that not all incidents may be true, as the Democrats were caught inciting violence and propaganda incidents at Trump rallies. So that means the right wing idiots are going to disbelieve all incidents, and the left wing idiots are going to believe every negative thing without any further need for substantiation.

The country is at the brink of erupting into chaos.



Alex Jones’ minions tried to ambush Van Jones, and he gave one of the best political interviews ever.



Police Killings Spark Nationwide Protests, Hundreds Arrested




Student activist gets 90 days in jail for fake racial threats on Twitter


A University student received a 90-day county jail sentence, along with five years’ probation, and must pay over $82,000 in restitution for making threats against black students at protests she attended, with the aim of stoking racial tensions.
Kayla McKelvey, a black student at Kean University, pleaded guilty to causing a false public alarm by creating a fake Twitter account that she then used to threaten the very protests she was attending, News 12 New Jerseyreported. In November, McKelvey tweeted out multiple threats directed at black students attending the rally.



“Increase in mortality mostly among non-whites”

New Study needs more attention:

45 percent increase in mortality from law enforcement from 1999 to 2013, report shows