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World War 3: UK CONFRONTS Russia by sending warship to Black Sea

Mr Grushko told Russian news agency TASS on April 19: “It goes without saying that we have been upgrading our forces in view of the fact that NATO’s infrastructures are approaching our shores.


KPBS San Diego:


Russian Bombers Fly Within 50 Miles Of California Coast

It’s okay for US warships to patrol the Black Sea, less than 50 miles from Russian territory. Because we’re drunk on our own power, so America can do whatever, wherever, for however much it wants.

I wonder what was on board those Russian bombers? Seems like a reasonable question.

Ukraine is now in the throes of civil war with reports of white phosphorous banned chemical weapons being used against separatists in the East. A Ukraine government plane was also shot down recently with 49 reported on board. The situation is escalating, with full US support given to the coup regime whose new president was a former US State Department agent.

The Ukraine situation was directly instigated, aided and abetted by Victoria Nuland, Barack Obama, John Kerry et al.  Russia quite rightly sees this as an attack on its interests.