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Meme Wars

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Int’l investigators allowed Ukraine to fabricate MH17 evidence – Russia

“Instead of [working together], international investigators suspended Moscow from comprehensive participation in the investigative process, allowing our efforts only a minor role. It sounds like a bad joke, but at the same time they made Ukraine a full member of the JIT [Joint Investigation Team], giving it the opportunity to forge evidence and turn the case to its advantage,” Zakharova added.


Let’s look at some of the facts the official cover-up doesn’t want to talk about…

1. Ukraine (coup regime) air traffic directed the plane over a hot war zone, an aberration from previous flights.

2. The plane was shot at the front line of the conflict, emerging from the Ukraine (coup regime) territory to crash at a battlefield.

3. The Ukraine (coup regime) then shelled the crash site for weeks, not allowing anyone to inspect the wreckage.

4. Faked audio recordings, provided by the Ukraine coup regime, attempted to immediately blame the separatists, exposed, but the controversy never appears in western corporate media.

5. The Ukraine coup regime was given a secret deal allowing them to censor the investigation results  if the evidence points to their responsibility for the attack.






UN Chemical Weapons Claims

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A UN mission that explicitly denied assigning blame for the Aug. 21 gas attack is being used to insinuate that it must be the Syrian government.  This is easier when the UN refuses to acknowledge its own evidence that the rebels have used sarin gas in the past.  The usual suspects used this setup to again falsely claim that the rebels have never used or possessed sarin gas.

Even Turkish prosecutors admit that Al Nusra rebels were seeking to obtain sarin, even as the “2kg.” sarin evidence that was seized during the arrest has somehow disappeared.

The UN is not an impartial body.  The March sarin attack wasn’t investigated at all, except by Russia, who determined the homemade rocket was most likely a rebel contraption.

When the April UN mission came to the politically wrong conclusion, that it was the rebels using gas — according to numerous victim eyewitnesses — these victim testimonies were covered up.  The blame for the attack was not assigned then either, despite a clear guilt evidenced.

This time, however, it’s not cover-up but insinuation that’s ruling the next news day.

U.N. Implicates Syria in Using Chemical Arms

While the report’s authors did not assign blame for the attack on the outskirts of Damascus, the details it documented included the large size and particular shape of the munitions and the precise direction from which two of them had been fired.

… While the report’s authors did not assign blame for the attack on the outskirts of Damascus

… Mr. Ban declined to ascribe blame, saying that responsibility was up to others,

Others like the NY Times.