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POLITICAL FILM BLOG has a 10-year history of cited facts, funny satire, and film-related news stories you probably didn’t find elsewhere. But now, it appears that the war against independent media is on, and we are still banned from Twitter.

So, it’s up to you guys to keep the place going. If you can Tweet and repost any articles you like, we can keep finding new readers. Keep that in mind. Little acts of promotion add up.


Someone may want to test if the Twitter icons on the blog still work with your accounts and let me know.




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9/11 & 28 pages of treason


Hello my childrens.  Just this morning I received an “Urgent Advertising Request.”

This is urgent, as it demands we pay attention to the need to advertise for online gambling here on Political Film Blog.  They have been “watching” the site for “12 months” and have determined that you people fit the demographic of people who really need to start online gambling, now.

There are two options, and two options only. Let’s make that clear.

A fake article written by them touting the virtues of online gambling, worth a whopping $120.  Secondly an image, a desperately needed image 125 pixels squared (that’s 15,625 pixels for God’s sake!) at a payment of $150 for a similar 12 months.  This is crucial.  This is life or death.  I must decide right now in real time, as I type.

“…we need this live quickly.”



Yes they do.

How can I have been so blind to it?

It’s all so crystal clear now.


They say that they can have the money to me in 2 days  Directly into my Paypal account.

Two days?

Are they mad!?

For an issue of such crucial import to all of humanity?

We cannot wait two days to hear about online gambling!

Dammit.  Are you people amateurs?  What the hell is wrong with you?  I need online gambling in my life RIGHT FUCKING NOW!



Get your shit together.  And fuck that Paypal crap. I want chips, credits.  I need to parlay that stack into millions.  Multi-millions.  Where is my magic?   Where is my luxury suite with top shelf call girls?  I need to bathe in champagne.  I’ll expect a stretch hummer out front within the hour, or forget it.  Who do you people think you’re dealing with?

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