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Still there after all these years and selective in discerning what can be corroborated — has published my two recent articles on the attacks.

I’ll add them to the blogroll too.



Lots of free articles and videos, better than the usual crop…







Hi boys and girls,

I’ve been remiss keeping up with the films.  Threats of World War 3 can do that.

This list I found of film criticism websites is pretty daunting, but you may find some gems on the other end.  Who knows?

The Top Film Criticism Sites: An Annotated Blog Roll


We have a blogroll on the side bar.  I had neglected to add William Blum’s Anti Empire Report, but have since corrected that.  Blum’s hard hitting reality report consistently shreds the popular corporate myths most people mindlessly live under.

Only the best stuff makes the cut on the blogroll.