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This is the best tutorial on exposure I’ve seen yet. I meant to post it sooner.

Ursa 4.6k vs. GH5

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If you haven’t heard about the new BMC cam you’ve missed the biggest camera news of the year. So here’s the info you want to peruse:

Insight Into The Blackmagic URSA MINI


Forgot the footage:

1/3 down the page

All the filmmaking posts:


Why I love that little BMPCC

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  • 13 stops (+) of dynamic range
  • RAW uncompressed data
  • Teeny tiny



Shane Hurlbut on Cinematography


A Day’s Work (short)

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Little crime thriller shot on the BMC cinema camera with Rokinon cine lenses.





Note: The original 2.5K BMCC was not included in this test.  It’s still a top performer with 13 stops DR just like the Pocket cam, although with rolling shutter and moire issues similar to the pocket test above (same sensor, more resolution).  These are difficult decisions, and the cost of all of these has come down radically.  Many more movies are on the way.


Great looking stuff from the Blackmagic pocket cam with Pansonic 14-45mm lens.  That’s called nailing the exposure.  I have to get this camera.

Blackmagic Price Drop

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Amazing announcement.  Price of the 2.5k BMC cams has been slashed by 1/3rd.

“We have done it and from today the Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF and MFT models will be reduced in price to US$1,995. This is very exciting and is one of the proudest moments of my life to be able to do this!”

Plus the little Plocket Cam version is now shipping.

See the footage gallery.


Butterflies: Short

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Just what it says.  Shot on the new BMC cam.


Hey smalltime indie filmmaker.  You know there’s wiggly jello in your image.  Check this.  A new filter in Adobe CS6 makes it all magic again (in these tests anyway).

Discussion about CMOS sensor rolling shutter issues.  Well, there are lots of discussions, but this is a pretty good fix.

This changes everything for many, many millions who can’t realize the investment a more capable cinema camera would cost.

John Brawley has the scoop (and a unit he’s testing):

The pocket rocket…Blackmagic downsizes the BMCC…

2013-04-02-09-35-54Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

That little guy has more dynamic range than a $35k Red Epic (despite what Red claims), and more than a $16k Canon C300, or $12K 1-DC.

It is the dynamic range (DR) that allows digital cameras to mimic film response in high contrast, bright sunlight situations. The more DR you capture, the more film-like you can get the image. Related is the amount of image data you store without butchering it with high compression schemes. Blackmagic has excelled with their BMC cameras at not compressing the RAW data and capturing more contrast than the competition — AT A MUCH LOWER PRICE.

Colt may have made all men equal in the Old West, but Blackmagic is on its way for filmmakers.



Because I’m such an informative sweety, here is the real reaon you go BMC, with a direct comparison to the Canon 5D-MK3. The original BMC Cinema Camera ($2995 msrp) blows away the 5dMK3 which at the time cost $500 more.


The consumer DSLRs all use 8bit color for their video, with only 256 possible shades per red/green/blue. The Blackmagic processes 16 bit color, stored in a 12 bit lograrithmic format for its RAW DNG capture (uncompressed – very large files). With 16 bit color it captures 65,536 levels of r/g/b for high precision. This isn’t important until you start tweaking the color space around and playing with levels in the image. Then, all that data is crucial and needs to keep away from the floor (noise) and ceiling (clipping) to maintain image integrity. This is where compressed codec cameras fall flat, and can be discarded.