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Propaganda is subtle sometimes, dependent on the associations and wording.  Today we find this curious opening sentence, linking three unrelated developments as if they are intimately connected and causing one another:

“The mayor of Ukraine’s second-largest city was shot in the back and pro-Russia insurgents seized more government buildings Monday as the U.S. hit Russia with more sanctions for allegedly fomenting the unrest in eastern Ukraine.”

The sentence obviously means to pair the shooting of the mayor with “pro-Russia insurgents.”  The editors glaringly and knowingly mean to associate a terrorist shooting with the West’s official enemies: the pro-Russian separatist protesters.

These editors know full well that most people don’t read entire articles and just skim the first paragraph or two.  This is not a controversial statement. Everyone knows that readers tend to skim the headlines and opening paragraph and to ignore the bulk of the articles.

“Hennady Kernes, the mayor of Kharkiv, was shot in the back Monday morning while cycling on the outskirts of the city… Officials have not commented on who could be behind the attack — and Kernes was a man who could have angered both sides.”

So the plot is thicker than the lead paragraph suggests.  And it’s even a reversal, a plot twist:

Kernes was a staunch opponent of the pro-West Maidan movement that toppled President Viktor Yanukovych in February and was widely viewed as the organizer of activists sent to Kyiv from eastern Ukraine to harass those demonstrators.”

If Kernes was an opponent of the neo-nazi Maidan fanatics (whom Obama/Kerry/Nuland just adore), then it is more likely that the nazi Maidan movement shot him in the back, not the pro-Russian separatists.  That, however, is not what casual readers would get from the headline and opening paragraph.  That makes this another in a long list of propaganda exercises that corporate media (in the US and Canada) seek to foist on the gullible public.

Ukraine crisis: Kharkiv Mayor Hennady Kernes shot in the back



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