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British Royal Air Force personnel wait in a bunker wearing full Nuclear Biological and Chemical suits after a warning of a Scud missile attack on their base in Kuwait March 20, 2003. Iraq fired Scud missiles at Kuwait on Thursday, officials said, sending U.S. troops scrambling into chemical protective suits and setting air raid sirens blaring in Kuwait City. - RTXLV2B

MoD released potentially lethal bacteria on London Tube, chemically experimented on soldiers

In one 1953 experiment, 20 year-old Royal Air Force (RAF) engineer Ronald Maddison was killed by exposure to what is now known as sarin gas.

Like many service men of his era, he was promised small amounts of extra pay or days off to take part in the experiment. For 15 shillings and a three-day leave pass, Maddison volunteered.

…The book suggests that up to 21,000 service personnel were experimented on over decades…