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George H.W. Bush, the CIA and a Case of State-Sponsored Terrorism

Chilean UFO

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Well, what do you think it is?




fidel 3

This French film stands out as exceptionally political and amazingly told from the perspective of one nine year old girl.  Little Anna, a petulant, spoiled throwback to France’s heritage of empire and myopia, confronts the turbulence of the 60s and early 70s.  Anna actually represents France, facing the realities of a new age, an uprising of her people, in this case her own parents.  Anna and her little 4 year old brother elevate this film into a realm unseen in American films.  Such deeply political tales aren’t made here, and centered on a nine year old female?  Unheard of.

Anna’s parents are borderline communists, obsessed with fighting against Franco in Spain and for Allende in Chile.  Her grandparents, on the other hand, are moneyed aristocrats and quite unhappy with Anna’s parentals.  Anna prefers the luxury and princess fantasies of the aristocracy, and she cannot comprehend why her parents have moved out of that life to a life of squalor, filled with all sorts of scruffy characters who come and go through their little hovel at all hours of the day and night.

Anna herself must figure out what to make of this confusion, and who is right as the political battles of the day come to a head.

Directed by a woman, the performances resonate.  On the special features I was a bit taken aback, however, at how hard they worked the two children.  The production was grueling for Anna / Nina, who appears in every scene and is the main focus of nearly every scene.  As for her brother, Benjamin, he signed up to do a movie not comprehending what he was even getting into.  According to him, he thought it would last one day!

The perspective of the film calls into relief US imperialism, and its effects on Latin America, particularly Chile, and the coup against Allende.  It plays competing ideas against one another, the communistic notions of dividing up the world’s wealth and sharing it equally against the capitalistic money oriented culture.  Women’s rights are brought in, as are abortion, birth control and the major changes underway at that point in history.


As Anna/Nina is France, dealing with these unstoppable social forces and pressures, she must find a way to accommodate and to adapt.  Anna is rather conservative, but willing to see things more openly than her own grandparents would.  As she progresses, so does France, enacting laws that modernize their health and education systems.

It’s a fascinating allegory.


This is outstanding real history that will never be taught in schools. Iran Contra Scandal investigated. The drug connection exposed. The lies demolished. The Iran Hostage fiasco: George HW Bush’s deal to keep the Iranian held US hostages imprisoned until Reagan was installed in power. The film names names and gets the sources. Crucial US history:

COVER UP: Behind the Iran-Contra Affair