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77% of Dems trust the CIA






EXCLUSIVE: ‘Work with us in Syria or get out of the way,’ Erdogan told Trump

On Friday, Turkey-backed Syrian rebel groups announced a broad merger and voiced their support for any offensive. It is expected that Turkey will heavily rely on its Syrian rebel allies in the assault.

US troops have already begun leaving northeastern Syria. However, a different senior Turkish official told MEE that Ankara would wait about a week for US forces to fully pull out from the area before launching its offensive.


Turkey’s proxy Jihadist forces seem to be preparing to attack the Kurds and free the thousands of captured ISIS fighters that the Kurds now hold at a prison camp. 



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Conspiracy Theory and the Failure of Certainty


Americans aren’t exposed to reality much, and you can tell if you attempt to talk to them about international affairs.

This is the translation of the interview George Friedman of Stratfor gave to the Russian newspaper Kommersant in December and has been cited numerous times since

Stratfor is a private “intelligence” firm linked to governments.


Stratfor, a.k.a ‘Shadow CIA,’ Had Contracts With 13 Federal Departments: WikiLeaks



Former Israeli Intel Official Claims Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell Worked for Israel