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Yes, with young Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick. Funny political humor.

American Beauty

If you can stomach spending some more time with Kevin Spacey, this 90s classic brings the creepy dark comedy to suburbia.

A Boy and His Dog

It’s the rapey wasteland apocalypse, not Lassie.


This is the greatest mind-fuck movie I’ve ever seen. Highly underrated.


The Polanski Los Angeles noir classic.


Robert Downey Jr. becomes Charlie in perhaps his greatest role.


Classic Herzog subverting expectations time and again.

Aguirre the Wrath of God

My favorite Herzog film, kind of twisted, kind of poetic.


Charlize and Christina Ricci, and the true crime stories begin.

An American Crime

True story shows the depravity next door. So angering.

Kid Cannabis

The lightest crime story of the bunch.

Fear City

Pulpy 80s crime noir with an actually decent villain who is attacking strippers late a night out of some twisted moral code.

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The List

Okay, I scored 163 on their little tabulator.  Not really happy about half of them though, and don’t find them “great.”  Good to see some on the list that I hadn’t expected.  Most of the ones I missed I am happy avoiding.


This is a fun read.





UNDER THE RADAR (on the sidebar) will feature lost gems, classic films with something to say, but which never achieved the mass audience they rightly should have. Thanks to the newfangled magic of technology, these theatrical low-performers can achieve new life on your home screens. I’ll try to provide the Netflix links.

Some previous Under The Radar candidates…

We’re fighting the rise of a new fascism here, make no mistake. The plutocrats know what’s up. It’s your clueless neighbors who remain ignorant of the class war being waged on them and their progeny as we speak. Films are a powerful medium for counteracting the lies of the corporate mainstream lackeys and the public relations teams of the New World Order.

The term “New World Order” by the way is not an invention of conspiracy theorists. It was mentioned by US President George H.W. Bush at the United Nations, commemorating (and gloating on) the fall of the Soviet Union. Bush intended a new world where American empire could expand unmolested by the countervailing power which held it somewhat in check during the Cold War. Bush sought allies to join forces in “coalitions of the willing” such as NATO and friends, in order to control more and more of the world’s resources … and people.

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