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These methods are intended to be localized where methane leaks are occurring.




The National Parks service defies Trump’s social media gag order by tweeting climate facts

Real American heroes.



Exxon has lied since 1977.


Docs Suggest All Major Oil Giants Have Lied Since 1970s


Trump is set to install an Exxon CEO in power and other deniers. We are sliding toward complete mega-idiocy.





New EIA analysis shows nukes don’t help reduce carbon emissions under EPA’s Clean Power Plan

In other words, increased investment in nuclear power means decreased investment in cleaner solar power. We can have a nuclear future or we can have a solar future: we can’t have both. And a solar future is cleaner, cheaper and safer.

And, as analyzed by Utility Dive, perhaps the most significant finding is that nuclear power does not help achieve greater carbon emission reductions.

Global Cooling

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I’m glad we have that global cooling I read about on those angry right-leaning websites, because it’s only 110 degrees today in North Cali.  Although it was 114 a couple weeks ago, and that was warm.  I’m glad those guys have our best interests at heart, and I expect the climate scientists to all come around any time now.