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Good advice.



His procedure simplifies things…


This will help you understand what cheap lights are doing to your images…

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It’s astounding, but many have not yet noticed that every mega-craptacular that Hollywood flushes our way has bright orange people in a teal/aqua world.  Apparently there’s one guy colorizing all these films who went through the actual MKULTRA version of “A Clockwork Orange.”


This Into the Abyss article has been up for three years now, and it’s a great rant:

Teal and Orange – Hollywood, Please Stop the Madness

I write this on the cusp of having the first Wolverine movie forced on me by family.  I think a pretty good gauge for a film’s suckiness is the degree that they colorize the shit out of the characters so that they glow neon orange.  It’s the new white.



No, it couldn’t be long before Michael Bay’s name came up, but screw that guy.  There’s a world of cinema that doesn’t care for bright orange meat puppets and doesn’t colorize their actors in such an over the top, offensive way.    You have to wonder about the integrity of those who jump on every stupid bandwagon and literally paint over their entire films with gaudy colors, thinking they are improving what was captured by the camera in the first place.  It’s sad, and a sign of blinkered conformity.

Just say no.


It’s like film school around here.

The other day Juan Melara taught you guys how to color grade the next action thriller.  Today, Paul Del Vecchio teaches you how to reduce color noise in your digital footage without turning it into computery-looking garbage.  It’s a bonanza.  Gotta love the interwebtubes.


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Lecture on choosing your film lighting.

Okay, they are trying to sell something, but the procedures and strategy are independent of the actual product.  Plus, they have numerous film looks for like ten bucks, and what’s your time worth?