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“He is judge, jury and executioner.”

In a world of authoritarians running roughshod over constitutional rights, the last thing we need is more pandering to extreme right-wing monsters acting under color of authority. “Judge Dredd” is exactly such a disgraceful character. As comic books and extremist films have championed these kinds of protagonists before, this series looks to take it to the next level entirely.

Be on the lookout for little dicks with big guns.

Agree or disagree?  Have they overstated the case, or just scratched the surface? Indiewire:

The Reactionary Politics of Comic-Book Movies: NY Times Critics Unleash Ideological Attack on Our Beloved Superheroes



DVD: Watchmen (Theatrical Cut)

Blu-ray: Watchmen (Director’s Cut)

“…a bit of the old ultra-violence.”
-A Clockwork Orange

Watchmen is a universe unto itself, an alternative history of the 20th century, and an exploration of “human nature” that slices to the bone.

This is not your typical superhero film, and it seeks to be a radical departure from standard comic book fare. Based on the comic books and best-selling graphic novel of the same name, the story of the Watchmen is significant and worth commenting on.

The Watchmen are highly developed characters who fit into the story like precise parts of a well-designed machine. They also explore some very creative territory, with Dr. Manhattan being the most striking, most powerful and most visually stunning member of the team.