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Oh where to begin?

I’ll just keep it to the point.  Spammers now say very, very stupid things for the express purpose of evading the spam detectors.  They like to vaguely comment on your blog or post, with a question about you expanding some more on the generically identified post.  It’s so pathetic.  The idea is simply to get their business name in as the author of the comment.


Here’s today’s comment, which I had Google translate for me (Should look like Chinese characters on your screen):

。ロリークリーフはヤンキ ーのための明 確な裏庭を示すハード石ダイヤルを 介して2つのいくつかの 時計の見事なセットを 示し西部。あな たが真剣に、 非常に活気のある色素を持っているハロウィーンの衣装を含めた場合、徹底的に、 手間が存在す るだけでどこ、解 決策はいくつかの事実の ようにロープロファイルは、実際schokohrrutigeを着な ければなければならない、あなたが 実際に表示させるための最善の方 法は、ありますパンツや多分ブラウ ス

Google Traslator says that means:

 Rory Cleef The West showed a stunning set of watch some of the two through the hard stone dial indicating the backyard clear for the Yankees. Was lack Oh, but if you include the costumes of Halloween seriously, have a dye very lively, where, resolution measures low-profile as some facts thoroughly, labor is only to exist, must it unless such wearing schokohrrutige fact, the best way for you to show it actually, maybe blouse and pants there

Well there you have it.  Thanks for that comment.


This guy has a documentary crew following him around, so you may be seeing more of him.