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“The Purge” imagines a society where unemployment and other social ills are dispelled, magically, by legalizing crime for 12 hours each year. The murderous free-for-alls that ensue invariably favor the wealthy, who are better-equipped to protect themselves.”

I stopped reading there.  I know I want to see this thing.  But if you want to risk spoilers… I haven’t actually watched this trailer…


Elysium is coming, August they say. This time it’s class war and they’re going big. Take the District 9 budget and add $90 mil. Let’s hope it really delivers.


What we had to say about District 9:


New survey at Criticwire,  and here are the A listers:



The Gatekeepers

It’s a Disaster


And although Spring Breakers only got a B+, you know you’re going to see it.