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War on Drones Escalates

Posted: January 12, 2016 in -
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Obama’s FAA is now in your face over what footage you post onlline…


The FAA Says You Can’t Post Drone Videos on YouTube


Imagine if this wasn’t “the land of the free?” Huh? I guess space lasers are just vaporizing people in other countries if they exercise good ol’ American freedom?





Coalition to Stop Fast Track


Rod Serling explains how censorship led to the creation of ‘The Twilight Zone’






Instant viral hit…





Radio Paradise streams online 24/7, and It blows everything else in my burg away. I don’t bother with the airwaves any longer, as I’m sort of in an alternate redneck reality here. Oh yeah, with corporate commercial salesmen shoving top 40 pop and dinosaur rock out there to hook new customers. Snore.

But Radio Paradise rolls on with one concern, one structural dynamic: great music. No commercials. The way it should be. Now it’s not a perfect station, but it’s damn close enough. Give em a few listens before deciding one way or another…