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Dear Chris Hedges,

I read your piece this time, all of it. I’ve been short with you before, and I wanted to be sure I was on solid ground.

Your answer to the problems of the modern age is anti-Trumpism? As if The Donald created this mess? Despite falling back on 1860s Marxist rhetoric (as is your stock in trade), the only response we have is anti-Trump, thus pro-Hillary Clinton?

That’s what your many years have taught you: support Hillary, lesser-evilism?

I say this because the name JILL STEIN does not appear in the article. That’s the same exact way it does not appear at most places. Making you, Chris Hedges, part of the problem, not the solution.

If you think Hillary Rodham Clinton is a positive force in the world, then the world has indeed overestimated you.



Barrie Zwicker analyzes Chomsky’s nonsensical claims about the JFK assassination and the 9/11 attacks.

Chomsky lies and makes absurd statements about both events:

Chomsky the Liar

“He engages in bizarre Non Sequitirs all the time.”
-Barrie Zwicker

See also how disinformation is employed to distort, distract and derail honest investigation:

Disinformation Killed 9/11 “Truth”

Chomsky lies that “No further evidence has come along.” This is at odds with reality. Senator Bob Graham notes the issue with the abandoned house in Sarasota, Florida, a cover-up that is still unravelllng to this day:

Re-Open the 9/11 Investigation Now

Several hijackers frequented that house, owned by prominent Saudis who fled the country days before 9/11. The FBI has hidden the files from the American people.

Also new was Counterterrorism “Czar” Richard Clarke telling us that “fifty, five-oh” CIA officers knew there were Al Qaeda terrorists living in San Diego for 16 months prior to the 9/11 attacks. Clarke also accused the CIA director Tenet of explicitly hiding this information from him and from the FBI. Also “new,” ergo: Noam Chomsky is a serial liar.

You Don’t Know What Happened On 9/11/01

Chomsky has gone way the fuck out of his way to obfuscate, to fabricate and to mislead the many people who placed their trust in him.

tor-freaks (1)

I posted on this back when it broke.

“I contract for the United States Government to build anonymity technology for them and deploy it.”

— Roger Dingledine, cofounder of Tor, 2004

How leading Tor developers and advocates tried to smear me after I reported their US Government ties

Finally, I pointed out that Tor was not nearly as secure as many of its proponents claimed. For people with really something to hide from the state, Tor very likely offered the opposite of anonymity: it singled out users for total NSA surveillance, with intel agencies potentially sucking up and recording everything they did online. Recent events have proven yet again that Tor is not as secure as its fans claim, or as its own developerssay they hoped.





Unbelievable.  Jeremy Scahill, who is pushing his US foundation funded “expose” Dirty Wars apparently can’t handle reality in Syria.

Suppressing the Truth on Syria: Mother Agnes Mariam and Britain’s Self Proclaimed “Antiwar Movement”

Mother Agnes risks her life to get the truth out about Al Qaeda connected psychopaths in Syria raining terror and nerve gas down on women and children.  This does not fit with official US foreign policy, as the truth seldom does these days.  Scahill reveals himself as another cog in the imperial machinery.

This validates Doug Valentine’s scathing take on Scahill, and his not so revealing revelations.