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Life-Altering Copyright Lawsuits Could Come to Regular Internet Users Under a New Law Moving in the Senate


This bill creates a situation where Internet users could easily be on the hook for multiple $5,000 copyright infringement judgments without many of the traditional legal safeguards or rights of appeal our justice system provides.

Fair Use for #Filmmakers

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The Ultimate Guide to Fair Use and Copyrights for Filmmakers



WOW! A film-related post. It all comes full circle…

Stop Paying for Footage! The 411 on Fair Use








Piracy on the High Sees: The Devaluation of Content

“You should come over one night,” said the man in the nice blue (and somewhat expensive looking) sweatshirt. “I have about 300 films I’ve downloaded.”

He laughed and then told me he hadn’t paid for even one… that he has some back channel way of getting them from a site that grabs them off of cable VOD services. And, he continued,“they look great… all in HD”!

“Don’t you think that’s thievery?” I asked

“No,” he said. “They’re there for the taking”.

Understanding Copyright Law:

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Understanding Copyright Law: Pitches, Facts, Characters and the Ambiguities of Section 102


Surprising news for indie directors/producers: