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The White House website explaining the judicial branch has been deleted

Under the tab for “Our Government” are listed the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and….the Constitution.


Judges Poised to Hand U.S. Spies the Keys to the Internet



The Government could have presented additional, potentially classified evidence in camera, but it chose not to do so. Although the Government has publicly asserted that the NSA’s surveillance programs have thwarted fifty-four terrorist attacks, no proof of that has been put before me…

Second, the judge documents the lack of effective judicial oversight or other safeguards over the NSA spy program. On December 18, a White House appointed panel agreed, concluding that neither is there evidence of the metadata collection having stopped any terror attacks, nor of the program providing effective oversight.

The Courts and the NSA



CIA Whistleblower who exposed war crimes, torture, speaks out on RT’s Breaking the Set.  John Kiriakou is interviewed by Abby Martin and speaks about his prison sentence and lawless impunity for war crimes at the top of the government.





Interesting legal campaign,, demands that courts obey the law and make court records free to the public. Currently about $100M goes south each year from unlawful gouging by an online court document distributor called Pacer.

A bill to open the records to the public, free of charge, is written and needs support. 


“Extermination of The Truth”: In America Law No Longer Exists
by Paul Craig Roberts

“…Downs and Manley write: ‘The implications are enormous. The government can now criminalize political, religious and social ideology and speech. Donating to peace groups, participating in protests, attending church, mosque or synagogue, entertaining friends, and posting material on the Internet, for example, could later be found to be illegal because of ‘associations,’ manufactured by anonymous experts, which in some way allegedly support designated terrorist organizations one has never heard of.’”



Another tick on Obama’s death count.  Short film by Laura Poitras follows the tragic return home to Yemen of a Guantánamo Bay prison detainee, Adnan Latif.

Death of a Prisoner