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Corporate media arrogance vs. the people…



Edward Herman:

Golden Silences in the U.S. Propaganda System

This is dramatically illustrated when we compare the treatment of “worthy” and “unworthy” victims, categories that Noam Chomsky and I stressed in Manufacturing Consent. (Chapter 2 is entitled “Worthy and Unworthy Victims”). Worthy victims are victims of enemy and target states, whereas unworthy victims are killed by us or one of our allies or clients. We gave details on the huge media attention to the murder of a Polish priest in Communist Poland in 1984, a single worthy victim who, as we showed, got more U.S. media attention than 100 religious victims of U.S. client states in Latin America (1965-1985), taken together. The latter were treated as unworthy by virtue of the client status of the killers, although eight of the 100 were actually U.S. citizens.



This is important advice for directing and getting enough coverage and controlling the pace of the edit.


Disclaimer: I haaaaaaaaaaaaated Scott Pilgrim.  Sorry Edgar.  But The World’s End was pretty watchable.



Ralph Nader lays bare the debacle of Obama’s fascistic approach to medical insurance vs. the Canadian democratic-socialist system:

21 Ways the Canadian Health Care System is Better than Obamacare

Number 20:
In Canada, the health system is designed to put people, not profits, first.

In the United States, Obamacare will do little to curb insurance industry profits and will actually enhance insurance industry profits.

Number 19:
In Canada, coverage is not tied to a job or dependent on your income – rich and poor are in the same system, the best guaranty of quality.

In the United States, under Obamacare, much still depends on your job or income. Lose your job or lose your income, and you might lose your existing health insurance or have to settle for lesser coverage.

Number 18:
In Canada, health care coverage stays with you for your entire life.

In the United States, under Obamacare, for tens of millions of Americans, health care coverage stays with you for as long as you can afford your share…

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This is a key part of the Boston Bombing story that has been censored and mangled by US corporate news (aka “presstitutes”).  Only the UK Daily Mail is telling the truth here.  They are the only professional news media in the Western world that has covered the Graham Fuller / Ruslan Tsarnai connection.  They are also the source of this 2nd Russian warning, after Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s trip to Dagesatn in 2012, as recently as last November.

Don’t let this go down the Memory Hole.


US media repeats that mantra that there was one Russian warning back in 2011, that the FBI looked into.  This second contact is ignored.

Russia asked FBI to investigate bomber just 6 MONTHS ago after being spotted with ‘a militant’ on trip to Dagestan: Was it this known terrorist who Boston killer liked on YouTube?

Russian authorities contacted FBI in November with questions about Tamerlan Tsarnaev, police source said

  • It came after he was seen meeting with a person involved in militant Islamic underground movement in Dagestan
  • FBI never responded to the concerns, the source claimed
  • Tsarnaev’s mother said the FBI had trailed him for five years amid fears he was inspired by Russia’s Bin Laden

DailyMail UK, By Leslie Larson and Lydia Warren


Baltimore Sun:

“Nearly 19,500 veterans died last year while they waited for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to complete a review of their disability benefits claim, up from 10,900 in 2011, according to information the agency provided Friday.”

Well somebody’s making a fortune off these endless war belligerent imperial policies. But guess who ain’t?


Not a lot has changed over the last decade since America unlawfully invaded Iraq. During the first weeks of the war, the Veterans Administration budget was absurdly cut. This undercut the medical treatment that would be desperately needed by the new war of Washington’s own choosing. This was so egregious and shocking at the time, but no one was talking about it on the networks. …So for the mindless, bobble-headed flag-waving masses, it never entered their nationalistic little minds.

Right wingers send around bullshit propaganda emails to their families, and my wife receives some of it. They love the “Support the Troops” and “Thank a Veteran”, hollow, empty rhetoric of the morally bankrupt right. When it comes to paying taxes for medical benefits for these same “troops” and “veterans” they have only one answer. Cut their taxes, pay less. That’s the bulk of their so-called philosophy. More for them, less for the rest.

Thank a dead veteran for helping cut your taxes, assholes. There’s another 20,000 of them for you to honor and cherish with a free email click over to your Ayn Randian companions.