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How they wailed and moaned over the Houla massacre, one year ago in Syria.  “Assad the Butcher” needed to be taken out.  “Diplomats” pulled out of Syria.  Diplomacy with the mad murderer of Damascus was impossible.

How they wept for the 49 murdered children, until the moment it was revealed that the murderers were their own Salafist terrorists.  Then the news disappeared forever.

Syria : One Year After the Houla Massacre. New Report on Official vs. Real Truth
Syria: The First Casualty…

The mass murder crime remains.  The perpetrators are known, and they are being funded and armed by the US and its immoral allies.

And how we trembled at Obama, the great leader’s, “red line” concerning chemical weapons, nerve gas, the terror of “Weapons of Mass Destruction”(TM) in the hands of the evil overlord Bashar Al Assad.

When the gas was released, the line was crossed.  Only swift heroic action by valiant NATO troops and planes could save the poor “freedom fighters” from the clutches of the brute.  It was global news, an hysteria and call for more war.

Then the United Nations determined it was those same Jihadi terrorists again, who had used the nerve gas.  The so-called “freedom fighters” had killed Syrian troops at a security station with the gas.  The lie was exposed once again, and the terrorist’s PR front, all those lying “activists” trained in deceiving western publics were completely discredited again for the thousandth time over the past two years.

And silence.  Silence in the US press.

The Orwellian US “free press” is nothing of the sort.  By self-censoring the truth, on behalf of US imperial interests and war propaganda, they are the enemy of the American People.  Turn off that junk noise.  Get the facts yourself.  Do not believe US media, as they are known liars.