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Some are hyping this service as a replacement for banks.


Personally, I like a credit union with oversight and actual physical presence under the jurisdiction of some government entity(ies).  This may catch on, but it does seem to have a weakness, and that is the integrity of the system not getting hacked, such that digital “coins” don’t just disappear one day.  See what you think?

Everything works perfectly, until it doesn’t. Then what?


Short answer: go rent it. Now out on DVD.

Medium answer: Fantastic. Capitalist psychopathy from a cinematic perspective.

What to say? David Cronenberg always subverts audience expectations. What can one expect from Robert Pattinson, looking pensive in a stretch limo (if they haven’t already read DeLillo’s novel)? The pre-release buzz was erratic and confused. Perhaps the film itself is such.

I found it pretty dead on, a hyper-realized snapshot of our age.

Long answer: is in the film. No spoilers.

On a tangent, Cosmopolis is another Alexa digital film that fooled me into thinking it was shot on real film. Cronenberg choosing digital? That’s three now from Arri, something Red hasn’t managed to do yet.


Federal Reserve people on the record.  The collapse is still to come.  Dollar value is plummeting, and the US is in a quite unsustainable position spending more than it produces.

Film’s official website.

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China and Russia are Acquiring Gold, Dumping US Dollars

Selection of clips from the European Parliament by the British representative. Calls out the entire flawed Euro currency system and its illegitimacy and undemocratic nature.