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The big things I’ve seen at Political Film Blog over this past year


Edward Snowden

He should have been Time’s Person of the Year, and he single handedly challenged a tyrannical empire that scoffs at individual liberty and privacy.  There are a handful of heroic individuals who risk everything to help humanity, people they never even meet, and those individuals should be honored and talked about, and their contributions acknowledged.

Another such important NSA whistleblower is Russell Tice, who exposed that the NSA is being used for politically-motivated blackmail against Congress, White House staffers and anyone else who can challenge the power mad of Washington DC.


People Are Awakening to the Horrors of Radiation

Fukushima is, as I and a number of others called it two and a half years ago, an out of control catastrophe, which should spell the end of the nuclear age forever.   The most visited page at PFB this year has been the Chernobyl Children presentation with links to documentary films and research articles about radiation contamination –including what they sell as “low level.”  Not to be missed.


12 Years a Slave

My pick for movie of the year, this story is the one needed to set the record straight on slavery.  A harsh, brutal and honest portrayal of racial exploitation and legalistic abuses, 12 Years should be part of the high school curriculum in the US.


The BlackMagic Cinema Cameras

Outstanding value (and image) puts the power of true cinema quality imagery into the hands of just about anyone mad enough to go there.  Finally the dynamic range barriers have fallen and digital cinema cameras compete favorably with film.

The Red Dragon Sensor

Torturous contrast situations are now within the reach of just about anyone — that means natural lighting that looks like a movie.  The Dragon sensor is so sensitive that it can revolutionize independent film lighting and the looks achievable on pennies.


The Boston Marathon Cover-Up

As with the 9/11 attacks, something is very, very wrong with the government’s story of this bombing.  There are three known CIA connections to the alleged bombers, and the Israeli intelligence monitor DEBKAFILE has concluded that the two brothers were being “recruited” by Western intelligence.  This is likely the reason they were allowed to operate freely in Massachusetts despite multiple international threat warnings about them.  When US intelligence meddles with internal US domestic security people die, and the myth of a “war on terrorism” is reinforced.  This practice of allowing terrorist bombings formed the “Strategy of Tension,” a CIA strategy that was witnessed in Europe in the 1970s and 80s under Operation Gladio.


Syria Hypocrisy Exposed

The public actually woke up to the Big Lies told about Syria, the foreign-sponsored terrorist Jihad raging there and the false flag chemical weapons attacks against civilians by those same terrorists.  The Obama regime was discredited repeatedly for supporting Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria and for hiding the evidence of their atrocities, even making enemies inside his own CIA!  These revelations similarly damned the US corporate press for blindly and mindlessly parroting the administration’s lies as well as the claims of the Syrian terrorists themselves.  The war propaganda is rampant and not to be believed.


And then there’s this…