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Pair this with Darren Aronofsky’s Subjective Filmmaking.






Roger Ebert famously called Fight Club a “fascist movie,” but I don’t actually agree with this assessment.

“’Fight Club’ is the most frankly and cheerfully fascist big-star movie since ‘Death Wish,’ a celebration of violence in which the heroes write themselves a license to drink, smoke, screw and beat one another up.”
–Roger Ebert

This is a comment on the style of parts of the narrative, not the substance, what I believe is truly behind the acting out.  Fight Club does not promote fascism, and that seems like a very odd determination.  What it does do is set up the natural conflict between order and chaos, society and anarchy.  The stifling banality of consumerism strips modern man of his primal nature, but the more he is controlled and ordered, the greater the need to turn to barbarism, mindless violence, war.  This dichotomy is behind Fight Club, and is expressed in several ways, not all of them crystal clear either.

The movie does meander in parts, losing steam here and there, jumping about in its direction, which can be frustrating.  A lot of ideas are included, some which work better than others.  There is also a fantasy element to confuse one even further.

A far from perfect film but even Ebert acknowledged that the intent of the narrative may diverge significantly from what some audience members may take from it.  Can we see and absorb what we choose to from a film like this?



The nasty side of DC?

I’m not sure how much rich white guys like Fincher and Spacey can get their little heads around US imperialism and its malignant effects on the world at large.  This seems like a David Mamet / Aaron Sorkin styled rush at a political drama.  Perhaps this quasi-independent studio model is the new way, with Netflix producing the series, as Amazon will produce their own line of AV products and even College Humor and other big websites hopping on board.

One decision I did not like about the pilot is Spacey’s talking to the camera.  Miscue.  Then there’s the “Mideast policy,” cited, which invites some further scrutiny.

First episode free?

Has anyone seen the show yet?


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