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BREAKING: New Wikileaks File Dump


It’s on.



Actual satellite imagery proves that Obama, Feinstein, Rogers, Holder et. al. have been very hard at work this week.

The government denies the massive blob of bullshit has drowned the region.  Officials call such speculation a “conspiracy theory.”

Save America
Impeach Them All



The nasty side of DC?

I’m not sure how much rich white guys like Fincher and Spacey can get their little heads around US imperialism and its malignant effects on the world at large.  This seems like a David Mamet / Aaron Sorkin styled rush at a political drama.  Perhaps this quasi-independent studio model is the new way, with Netflix producing the series, as Amazon will produce their own line of AV products and even College Humor and other big websites hopping on board.

One decision I did not like about the pilot is Spacey’s talking to the camera.  Miscue.  Then there’s the “Mideast policy,” cited, which invites some further scrutiny.

First episode free?

Has anyone seen the show yet?


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This could be really huge: website.

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