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Humongous ISIS convoy allowed to escape Raqqa to fight the Syrian Army instead



Americans need to understand who the heroes actually are. As a group, as a nation, they most certainly do not.

Julian Assange to Accept Time in US Prison If Chelsea Manning Granted Clemency
Manning is serving a 35-year sentence in a military prison.”

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange offered to turn himself over to the United States and serve a prison sentence if President Barack Obama pardons Chelsea Manning, the whistleblower who leaked military and diplomatic documents while working as an intelligence analyst in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad in 2010″

Bradley Manning was imprisoned for exposing US military WAR CRIMES in Iraq:


Those war crimes remain unpunished. That is the meaning of “exceptional” and “indispensable” nation, the terms favored by Obama, Clinton et al.  It means hypocrisy is the policy, and laws do not apply to the US as it rampages around the world with impunity.





Hollywood (Warners, Paramount, 20th, Universal, Sony, Disney, etc.) have a simple saying that you, the independent filmmaker(s), have never heard… but they say it all the time & it is the truth.

So what is the saying?  I hope you’re an adult, mature and ready for honesty.

Okay, you are!

The saying is… “Producers get F*cked. Distributors do the F*cking”. That is not all of the saying.

Here comes the second part… “What do you want to be, the F*cker or the F**ckee?”

(Harvey Weinstein is a great Producer for he controls content)

The key to success in Hollywood and with movies in general is to control content and be the person/company that (A) collects the money, (B) creates the accounting statement and (C) distributes (if any, Yuk-Yuk) the money.

The Movie Studios control content. They collect the monies; they make the accounting statements; and they decide if they are going to distribute any.

The movie studios control content… Thus, they have power.

Now for you, a filmmaker, to have power, you must be able to not only make a film but also control it.

The answer to “What do you want to be a…f*cker or f*ckee” is obviously you desire to be the one(f*cker) that is in control.




You need to read this. Read the sources as well.

International Policy Digest:

Why ISIS Exists: The Double Game


Also at:





We’ve pretty much known this for years. Why is nothing ever done about it?

Smoking gun emails reveal Blair’s ‘deal in blood’ with George Bush over Iraq war


US-trained Syria rebels do a deal with al-Qaeda

A Division 30 statement made after the release of its fighters described Nusra Front as “brothers”, a sign that the moderate group is capitulating to the Islamists. It said it was on the “same page with all holy warriors in Syria”.

…Division 30 was to be the nucleus of new Syrian national army, composed of groups deemed more “moderate” by Western nations who fear the dominance of Islamist rebels in Syria. But the $US36 million ($49 million) program has been beset by troubles from its inception eight months ago.


Funny or Die Mocks Congressmen for Wanting Iraq-Style War with Iran

There is something so outrageously imperialistic about this Iran nonsense, that even the regular people, even the comedians can’t see the glaring bullying, double standard and essentially nuclear blackmail of it all.  We behave like Nazi Germany today, around the world, and it passes without comment.

Nuclear blackmail is real, and the US and its partners have been threatening to destroy Iran if they don’t accept terms dictated from Washington. Even if they do accept them, the likelihood is that the next thug administration will attack them anyway, guaranteeing that they are unable to retaliate — they have no deterrence against foreign aggression. Nuclear weapons are primarily defensive, as they deter aggressors from attacking you, since you can inflict losses on them as well.

The mainstream myth is that the US officials have some right to dictate to the world if they can have nuclear weapons or not. That doesn’t seem to apply to Israel, however, the world’s foremost rogue state, which acquired several hundred nukes and has started wars over the last fifty years almost as often as the US has.

Not one voice has ever been raised in Congress concerning Israel’s nuclear weapons and the very real threat they pose to world security. While encyclopedias of hysterical fearmongering have been blathered concerning Iran, with its zero atomic bombs. Not everyone on this planet is so head up its ass, hypocritical and ignorant as Americans.

America has lost much of its standing in the world for its double standards, unaccountable use of force and overt stupidity. It should lose even more of its standing for supporting terrorists in Libya and Syria and Nazis in the Ukraine. It claims to be against terrorism, but is in fact for it whenever the terrorists are blowing up people the US doesn’t like. That’s beyond hypocrisy and reaches the level of criminality: support for terrorism in Syria, Libya, Chechnya, Dagestan, Ukraine and beyond.