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New satellite images show convoy of trucks transporting Syrian oil to Iraq and Turkey

The Russian Defense Ministry had repeatedly affirmed that the Turkish government is the main consumer of petroleum smuggled by Daesh (ISIS) from Syria and Iraq, publishing several photos showing tanker trucks transporting huge quantities of oil from areas under Daesh control near Raqqa to Turkey.
–SANA, Syrian State News


I wrote about this in 2015 when Putin literally plopped satellite photos into Obama’s hands at an economic summit, and then Obama had his Air Force pretend to do something about it the very next day. The problem continues, however, to this day. America controls the skies over the region where ISIS is smuggling oil into Turkey and Iraq. That’s aiding and abetting the illegal black market trade.

So, three years later, different president, same game. Let’s see if this changes with the alleged pull out of US ground forces from Syria.