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Funding an aggressive empire intent on ruling the world is expensive.  This is the price of global domination.

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The linked article tries to blame everything on the government (which is a typical extreme right anti-government slant), without acknowledging the collusion, the corruption with big capital and the elite who currently control the government in their own interests.  So there’s one more chart to add to this little party.

This is what kakistocracy looks like:

“Average income of top 0.01 percent of U.S. families as a multiple of average income of the bottom 90 percent of U.S. families”





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Breaking the Set Channel





U.S. Navy leaders were warned last year that a $37 billion program to build Littoral Combat Ships can’t meet its promised mission because the vessels are too lightly manned and armed, according to a confidential report.”  –Bloomberg


That infinite vacuum, The Pentagon, guzzles billions like cheap beer while the assholes in Congress want to cut food and medicine to senior citizens who paid into Social Security their whole lives.

Is anyone okay with this?  What is the matter with this madhouse?




Perhaps the ghouls currently pushing “austerity” and the destruction of the poor, disabled and elderly might listen to one of their own “heroes.”



A guy (jwinkle01)with a camcorder and a poster cuts through ALL the class war bullshit that Wisconsin is undergoing right now.

He also puts the reality of bottom ranking schools in bottom ranking states –and the systems that produce them — into perspective.