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One of the most prolific liars on US TV.


Bernie Sanders is a dangerous liar now. The end.

Denying the Far-Right Role in the Ukrainian Revolution

The new deputy prime minister, Oleksandr Sych, is from Svoboda; National Security Secretary Andriy Parubiy is a co-founder of the neo-Nazi Social-National Party, Svoboda’s earlier incarnation; the deputy secretary for National Security is Dmytro Yarosh, the head of Right Sector. Chief prosecutor Oleh Makhnitsky is another Svoboda member, as are the ministers for Agriculture and Ecology (Channel 4, 3/5/14). In short, if the prospect of fascists taking power again in Europe worries you, you should be very worried about Ukraine.

Bernie Sanders’ so-called “democracy”…

I have appealed this political bias.


Our competent, glorious leaders…

Don't Look Up Trailer Reveals Dark Comedy With Leo DiCaprio, Timothee  Chalamet

This disjointed experience (experiment) is tonally inconsistent and jumpy. But the part I had trouble with was the politics underlying it. There seemed a battle of wills for control of the narrative, and the film suffered because of it.

They tried to tell three different movies in this thing, and two of them I’m fine with. The third was cheesy and frankly dishonest.

In the good columns we have a disaster movie, a truly satirical apocalypse tale. We also have a family drama and stardom, relationships and the strains beneath the media spotlight. Then we have the third movie: Orange Man Bad and everything is because of Trump–excuse me–Meryl Streep.

The crass dishonesty of painting one party as the problem and the other as the “science” brigade is a whopper. Since both parties are fully responsible for the global warming issue and metaphor that sparked DiCaprio in the first place. When both parties are doing it, you can’t just make it one party’s blame because that’s glaringly dishonest. People can see through that.

Let’s bring it back to facts right now:

The Biden administration said its drilling-lease spree in the Gulf was court-ordered. It wasn’t.

I think we all also remember that Biden’s son Hunter was fracking gas in Ukraine… for some reason.

In what way is this fossil-fuel industry simply the Republican party? When filmmakers refuse to even look at the depredations of their own team–oh wait–that’s the central plot of this film!

And now we’ve achieved some staggering hypocrisy. I do believe political hacks from the blue team were involved in shaping the story and making it partisan. Perhaps Adam McKay, or perhaps David Sirota, or perhaps the people with the large budget for filming this thing.

But, of course, I love Jennifer Lawrence and so all sins are forgotten, almost. DiCaprio was very good as well. It’s a mixed-up-bag.

How Peter Sellers Lost His Fourth Role in 'Dr. Strangelove' - Metaflix

I could have used more dark humor. We had a Strangelove event but no Kubrick. No Kubrick.

Democrats have lost their fucking minds.

COVID-19: Democratic Voters Support Harsh Measures Against Unvaccinated

These are dangerous authoritarian goons.

Jimmy’s back on the road.

The photo-op that says: “You dumb suckers.”

Pelosi kills Medicare For All bill for lack of votes

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has killed the Medicare For All bill, and did so even before rallies in 56 cities nationwide in late July pushing the cause.”