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It’s More Than a Sex Scandal
Paula Broadwell, Whistleblower

“Given that the CIA was holding prisoners in Benghazi, the goal of the Sept. 11 action at the consulate may have been an effort to free them, or payback for their detention. And everybody involved in that detention, including CIA Director David Petraeus, was committing a crime.

Unfortunately for Jennifer Griffin of Fox News, the rightwing politicians who are looking for ammunition against Obama can’t make use of her Benghazi reporting because it exposes their 4-star hero (who never saw combat or commanded a division) as a perjurer, and the CIA as a rogue agency. After initial calls for an investigation —even a special commission, a la Watergate— they realize they mustn’t “go there.” By way of consolation, we are awarding Griffin the first-ever Helen Thomas Prize for taking seriously the comments of a loudmouthed dame.”

Former Reagan administration official and republican Paul Craig Roberts tells it like it is:

“We have a republican party that is a Gestapo party.”
“They voted to repeal the United States Constitution.”

He acknowledges the democrats participation as well. The end game is a police state with “concentration camps.”

It’s happening right now in the congress. Wake the fuck up sheeple.