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”The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil and the Attack on U.S. Democracy.” This wide-ranging discussion examines the “deep state,” an evolving level of secret government separate from the elected government. Scott looks at the origins of the deep state, its communications and finances, and its involvement in landmark events, from the JFK assassination to Watergate to September 11 and beyond.

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U.S. Government Celebrates Its Arming of the Egyptian Regime With a YouTube Video


Has anyone on earth done more to further the causes of terrorists than the US government?

After Fall of Yemen, US Officials Fear Terrorists Have Seized $500 Million in US-Donated Weapons

Pentagon officials recently admitted that they have lost track of the over $500 million in military assistance that the US has given to Yemen’s failed government. The lost equipment includes M-16 and M-4 rifles, over a million rounds of ammo, Glock pistols, night vision goggles, drones, helicopters, surveillance aircraft, and patrol boats. US officials planned to send $125 million in additional aid, including ScanEagle drones, but instead redirected the shipments to other Middle Eastern and African nations following Yemen’s collapse.

The Bleak Science Bankrolled by the Pentagon

Social media, of course, played pivotal roles in such episodes, which perhaps explains why the Pentagon Minerva initiative has also funded researchers to develop advanced data-mining tools that can automatically categorize activist groups and rank them on a threat-scale to US interests. One such tool, called ‘LookingGlass’, can identify and locate individuals, and even rank their alleged propensity for violence or terrorism, just by automatically tracking and analysing their social media posts.


King Abdullah’s Saudi Arabia: Slavery, Terror & Women as Property


Real foreign policy: the anti-democratic military dictatorship that has murdered thousands of civilians in Egypt gets US military aid on the sly. The US always prefers military dictatorships that take orders, as they are neat and dependent on US arms and training. Obama et al. held onto Mubarak to the end until it was clear that they could retain power through the military and kick Mubarak to the dogs. Nothing has really changed with the marketing campaign, “Arab Spring,” except a lot of corpses piled up, especially in Libya and Syria and Egypt.

Egypt Receives 1st US-Built Missile Craft

WASHINGTON — While most military sales to Egypt remain on hold, the US is going ahead with the transfer of four new fast missile craft (FMCs) built in Mississippi.


Still refuses to rule out strike when asked directly.