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The 5 Lies of Indie Film Distribution

  • realism
  • expectancy
  • safe darkness

Brian Trenchard-Smith discusses the numerous problems with low-budget filmmaking.

I don’t think anyone’s done it as well before or since. Here’s a clue, and the key to the story came from an actress.

And so [Linda Hamilton] said, “Yeah, in principle, I’m in, but I want to be crazy.” I said, “Well, what do you mean, crazy? How crazy?” She said, “Crazy, like I’ve been driven crazy.” I said, “Like you’re in an insane asylum, like you’re institutionalized?” She said, “Yeah, sure. Let me play crazy. Let me go nuts.” I said, “All right. Well, you’re going to get my version of nuts,” and she said, “All right. I’m down.”

Oral History of ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’

He becomes literally like a machine. He has a very clear vision of what he wants. He’s very demanding and he will not go for anything that is almost there. It has to be there. That’s it. Everyone is kind of scared on set. Because Jim doesn’t use much psychology. He just screams at everybody.


Multipart series promoting Army of the Dead.

Aronofsky’s 10 Rules

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Subjective Filmmaking