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Get Bill Murray on the Line…

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Insane Story Of Casting Bill Murray Using The Infamous 800 Number



If you’re a filmmaker you’ll need to watch these.

16 Short Films That Launched the Careers of Famous Directors





Terry Gilliam’s documentary about shooting 12 Monkeys.




This is a great making-of documentary, and so I’m promoting it to the Featured section, so it sticks around a little longer.

The Undertaking

Just sold a short film script!

Red and White is in pre-production, and the director is location scouting.  Not bad for a script I wrote in half an hour for a contest over on Done Deal’s forums.  I did put some more into it afterward, granted.  Story involves a blonde temptress, and so you’ll just have to wait for the movie to hear more.



But there s more!

Hold onto your bongs, because I just signed a contract for the October issue of High Times.  A very interesting interview I arranged, with some historical follow-up, and you’re not going to want to miss it.

Note to any producers who may be reading: I do accept checks.  Features, TV, comedy, thrillers, sci-fi…




Okay geeks — BBC grills Lynch…