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Newsweek actually exposed this. The crimes of US administrations are myriad and span decades. These war crimes came back and attacked America’s own soldiers.



This is a war on you, and you better wake up soon.

Behind Trump’s plan to target the federal safety net



Social Security is the most successful federal program in history. Rethugs want to steal it, the trust fund. They want to steal and siphon off fees in their “privatizing” schemes.

Republican Party’s Sleazy Playbook to Destroy Social Security

This is YOUR money that YOU pay into. This is YOUR social insurance and retirement program. The Rethugs simply want to steal it.  It’s not complicated. And they don’t want more money ending up in your pocket. That’s pretty much absurd. They now shamelessly attack the Disability program, now that they have taken over congressional committees.

Soul Surfer Film

Halfway through the trailer, I knew I had to see this film.  Such a powerful, gut clenching development, and it’s based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton.

I knew there would be heavy religious content, and being one of the least religious persons you’re likely to come across, I still didn’t care.  The religious aspect was straight from the character’s (real) life and dramatically woven into the story – a sports story really.  It’s a surfing competition film that’s extremely serious and emotional.  Really a winner, a rare thing that works on so many levels.

I think I’m justified calling it a Cult Classic, as it was a huge hit, and it really delivers a heart seizing story set in a sports drama, and a story of disability and overcoming.  Thumbs up, and it was great to see Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid, who were magically real, as if they’d been together for decades


As long as I’m panning some recent YA tripe, I might as well propose alternatives.  This story of a mentally challenged young woman stuck in my mind, and I just stumbled over it again while looking for highly rated films on Amazon Prime (a streaming movie site with a growing library).

Patricia Arquette plays Alice, a deaf and abused girl who’s treated like an animal by her rural monster of a father.  Kept in a pig pen, they keep her alive but aren’t happy about it.

One day a neighbor brother and sister stumble upon the shack where Alice is kept.  The boy becomes fascinated with rescuing her from the horrible conditions, setting him up in opposition to the potentially murderous father.

As Alice is civilized and cleaned up, she starts to have feelings for the boy, who’s destined to go off to college.  Unable to understand the complexities of life, Alice becomes single mindedly devoted to the boy.  He, after saving her from the life of a tortured animal, must confront the new sentence awaiting Alice, the life of a freak, an unloved and unlovable wretch.

This emotional tear jerker was directed by Diane Keaton and features very strong performances by all.




An unexpected tear jerker, I didn’t know what to think about this one beforehand.  It has such an uncomfortable premise, a turn off with an odd situation that maybe people won’t want to expose themselves to.

Turns out the situation isn’t so odd or unusual at all.  This true story is remarkably brought to life with so much humor and freshness that it shouldn’t be missed.  The actors are superb.


Baltimore Sun:

“Nearly 19,500 veterans died last year while they waited for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to complete a review of their disability benefits claim, up from 10,900 in 2011, according to information the agency provided Friday.”

Well somebody’s making a fortune off these endless war belligerent imperial policies. But guess who ain’t?


Not a lot has changed over the last decade since America unlawfully invaded Iraq. During the first weeks of the war, the Veterans Administration budget was absurdly cut. This undercut the medical treatment that would be desperately needed by the new war of Washington’s own choosing. This was so egregious and shocking at the time, but no one was talking about it on the networks. …So for the mindless, bobble-headed flag-waving masses, it never entered their nationalistic little minds.

Right wingers send around bullshit propaganda emails to their families, and my wife receives some of it. They love the “Support the Troops” and “Thank a Veteran”, hollow, empty rhetoric of the morally bankrupt right. When it comes to paying taxes for medical benefits for these same “troops” and “veterans” they have only one answer. Cut their taxes, pay less. That’s the bulk of their so-called philosophy. More for them, less for the rest.

Thank a dead veteran for helping cut your taxes, assholes. There’s another 20,000 of them for you to honor and cherish with a free email click over to your Ayn Randian companions.